Broward Health Leadership University (BHLU)

Broward Health Leadership University (BHLU)

BHLU strives to shape leaders that will be the pride of our people and our employee family.

Introducing BHLU

The Department of Learning offers an integrated leadership development model with matriculation of all 4 programs designed as a systematic approach to keeping the talent pipeline filled with an element of succession planning.

The Model

Leadership development benefits the employees and the Broward Health system. It aligns individual and organizational goals, resulting in a culture firmly rooted in and reflective of our vision, mission, core values, and our quest of becoming world class. 

  Mission, Vision, Strategy, Pillars and Core Values

  • BHLU aligned with organizational culture
  • Talent Review Process
    • Regional talent review committee selects BHLU students
  • Leadership Development
    • 4 Leadership development Programs for matriculation into a pipeline for talent 
    • Workforce Planning & Mentorship (coming soon)
    • Internal talent pool possessing high potential for promotion, growth and development
      • Mentorship Program (coming soon)



Required Admission Packet


To be eligible for admission into one of the Leadership University programs, you must have:

  • Successful completion of one year of employment (exceptions case-by-case)
  • No corrective actions within six months
  • Satisfactory performance appraisal scores
  • Succession Planning Component (promotability) 
  • 2 management levels signed approval

Admission Requirements

  1. Complete the Leadership Development Admission Requirement Packet
    NOTE: Charge Nurse Certification – only complete the Leadership Development Admission Form on page 2.
  2. Submit a current resume of professional experience along with a statement of purpose:  a one-page essay describing your professional aspirations and reasons for pursuing the certification. 
  3. Submit two (2) professional letters of recommendation
  4. Forward completed application to Ruth S. Vasquez for submission to the “Regional Talent Review Committee” for acceptance in the program.

  Download required admission packet

Admission Requirements

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Broward Health Leadership University


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Meet the Team

Ruth Stanley-Vasquez – Organizational & Leadership Development Specialist (see bio)

Veronica Ostrander – Organizational & Staff Development Specialist (see bio)

BHLU Graduates Say...

As a working mom in the healthcare industry for over 15 years, BHLU introduced me to career-reviving concepts and tactics that I employ daily.

BHLU is one of the few investments that yields return right away and immensely contributed to my recent promotion. Anyone interested in getting a leg up in their given healthcare discipline should look into BHLU.

I'm glad I did.

-- Vania Vazquez

I simply want to share my thoughts with regard to how wonderful your team is in terms of their likeability, professionalism, coaching, and overall knowledge of their teachings.

The coursework was extremely helpful in all facets of my position. I've already started using many of the techniques and skills I learned in class.

I'm grateful I was able to be a part of this. You have a tremendous team!

-- Kimberly Finke