Are you without Health Insurance? M.O.P.E.D. can help!

With today's economy in turmoil, it is getting more difficult for people to keep up with their bills. Broward Health Medical Center (BHMC) has created a new program that can help people who do not have health insurance. M.O.P.E.D. (Medical Options for Patient Eligibility Department), which kicked-off the week of May 1, assists individuals with their medical finances.

"The M.O.P.E.D. program is making a difference in people's lives. We are seeing more individuals than ever before who have a need for this type of service,” said Martha Walsh, regional manager of patient access at BHMC. "I am impressed with our staff who have come together as team and successfully utilized our resources. We look forward to continuing our services in the community."

Patients come into the M.O.P.E.D. office, located in the main lobby of BHMC next to Starbucks, where they are greeted and given a pager to wait to see a member of the staff. There are no lines and wait times are less than 25 minutes. Employees of M.O.P.E.D. speak English, Spanish and Creole. Patients with financial needs work with staff members to apply for assistance programs like Medicaid and other state and federally funded programs, "tax funds"/charity care. They can also apply for food stamps, discounted phone service and temporary cash.

All paperwork and forms for the application process are conveniently done in the M.O.P.E.D. office, which allows for faster processing. Patients are supervised by a staff member throughout the entire process, and are required to bring their medical bill(s), personal forms and documents, and identification with them in order to complete the application process. More than 23,000 patients visited the MOPED office in the first year of operation since May 2009.

The M.O.P.E.D. office is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Call 954-355-5442 for more information.

Please bring all documents listed below that apply for each member of the household to your interview. This will help us serve you completely and efficiently.  For a printable version of this information, click here.

Proof of Identification and Citizenship

U.S. Citizen

  • Driver's License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card


  • Residency Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Driver's License


  • Any Federal/State/County photo identification
  • Birth Certificate

Proof of Address

  • Current proof of address (mail dated within 30 days)
  • Prior proof of address (mail dated 30 days prior to the date of application)
  • Electric bill
  • Phone and/or cellular bill
  • Water bill
  • Credit card statement
  • Mortgage statement
  • Rental/lease agreement
  • Home owner's insurance statement
  • Shelter verification form
  • Property tax bill
  • Car registration

Children's Information (bring for all children in the household, if applicable)

  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of school registration

Proof of Marriage and/or Divorce (if applicable)

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce papers - proof from the courts (if paying child support/alimony)

Proof of Income (bring for all in household, 12 months PRIOR to services at the hospital, if applicable)

  • Tax return
  • All W-2s
  • Current pay stub
  • Bank statements (all accounts for the last three months)
  • Unemployed statement
  • Social Security statement
  • Income Verification Form (if none of the above is applicable)

Proof of Pregnancy

  • Proof of positive pregnancy from a healthcare provider

All Medical Bills

  • Copies of all medical bills for ALL members in the household

Call M.O.P.E.D. at 954-355-5442 for an application and eligibility information

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