1 in 10 Deaths Among Adults Tied to Alcohol: CDC
1 in 10 Moms-to-Be Develop Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes: CDC
1 in 10 U.S. Children Now Has ADHD, CDC Says
1 in 13 U.S. Schoolkids Takes Psych Meds: Report
1 in 5 U.S. Men Admits to Violence Against Spouse, Partner
1 of 8 U.S. Kids Mistreated Before Age 18, Study Finds
2 Alzheimer's Drugs Found Ineffective in Clinical Trials
2 Cases Suggest Stem Cell Transplant Might Ease 'Stiff Person' Syndrome
20 Percent of Seventh Graders Have 'Sexted'
4 of 5 Colleges Students Text While Driving: Study
5 or More Bad Sunburns While Young Tied to Higher Melanoma Risk
50 Years Later, the Kennedy Assassination Still Haunts a Generation
A Better Test for Down Syndrome?
A Challenge at Work Might Ease Autism Symptoms in Adults
A Defining Act for Fathers and Sons
A Doctor's 'People Skills' Affects Patients' Health
A Healthy Lifestyle May Deflect Dementia
A Judgmental Doctor May Make It Hard to Lose Weight
A Link Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer's?
A Nurse Who Lends an Ear May Ease Anxiety in Moms of Preemies
Abnormal BMI Tips Scale Toward Pregnancy Complications, Study Says
ADHD Drug Ritalin Boosted Self-Control in Tests
ADHD Medications Won't Stunt Kids' Growth, Study Finds
Adjusting Your Thermostat Might Improve Your Thinking
Adult Health Better for Bullies Than Their Victims: Study
Adults Who've Abused Alcohol May Be at Risk for Memory Problems
Adults With Asperger Syndrome May Have Higher Suicide Risk
Adults With Autism at Risk for Many Health Problems: Study
Aerobic Exercise May Help Older Women at Risk for Dementia
Aerobics Might Boost Brain Health for Older Adults
Aggressive People May Process Violence's Impact Differently
Aging Brain May Have More Trouble With Financial Decisions: Study
Aging Brains Can Still Make 'Childlike' Connections: Study
Aging May Not Dull Decision-Making Skills, Study Finds
Alcohol Near Start of Pregnancy Linked to Premature Babies
Alcohol Tied to Domestic Violence on College Campuses
Alcoholism Treatment Can Help Some Liver Transplant Patients
All Pregnant Women Need Flu Shot: Ob/Gyn Group
Almost 1 in 20 Young Teens Binge Drinks, Canadian Study Finds
Alternative Therapies Widely Used for Autism
Altruism May Help Shield Teens From Depression: Study
Alzheimer's Gene Tied to Brain Changes at Early Age
Alzheimer's Rate Falling in the United States, Studies Show
Alzheimer's Strikes Women Harder Than Men: Report
Alzheimer's Variation May Often Go Unrecognized: Study
Alzheimer's-Like Plaque Seen on Brain Scans After Head Trauma
Amnesia Patient's Brain Helps Illuminate How Memory Works
Among New Smokers, Teen Boys More Likely to Quit Than Girls: Study
Another Downside to Obesity for Teens: Fewer Friends
Anti-Alzheimer's Drug Shows Promise in Mice Study
Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism
Antidepressants in Pregnancy Tied to Slight Risk of Lung Disorder in Babies
Antidepressants in Pregnancy Won't Harm Baby's Heart, Study Suggests
Antipsychotics Help Cut Crime Rate: Study
Antipsychotics Linked to Lower Brain Volume in Schizophrenia Patients
Anxiety May Affect Kids' Brains
Apathy Might Signal Brain Shrinkage in Old Age: Study
Are Kids Born to Older Dads at Risk for Mental Health Woes?
Are Teen Brains Hyper-Wired for Rewards?
Are Today's Artsy Kids Tomorrow's Business Leaders?
Are You Musical or Tone Deaf? Genes May Be Key
Around the Globe, Mom's Health Key to Newborn's Size
Arsenic in Well Water Tied to Less Brain Power in U.S. Study
Aspirin Advised for Women at High Risk for Pregnancy Complication
Aspirin Might Help Treat Brain Tumor Tied to Hearing Loss
Autism Affects Motor Skills Too
Autism Sign May Appear in First Months of Life
Autism, ADHD Tied to Gender Concerns in Some Kids: Study
Average Obese Woman Gets Just 1 Hour of Exercise a Year: Study
Avid Cellphone Use by College Kids Tied to Anxiety, Lower Grades
Babies Born to Moms Over 35 May Have Lower Risk for Certain Birth Defects
Babies' Brains Prep for Speech Long Before First Words Come Out
Babies Work Specific Brain Areas to Imitate People
Baboons Shed Light on Human Brain Evolution
Baby 'Sleep Machines' Could Damage Hearing, Study Suggests
Background TV May Hinder Toddlers' Language Development
Balanced Diet During Pregnancy May Lower Risk of Preterm Delivery
Bedroom TV, Video Games Linked to Less Sleep in Boys With Autism
Bed-Sharing With Babies Tied to More Breast-Feeding
Being Web-Savvy Tied to Better Health in Seniors: Study
Binge Drinking May Double Older People's Risk of Dying
Binge Drinking May Slow Wound Healing
Bipolar Disorder Drug May Need Adjusting in Pregnancy, Study Finds
Births From Fertility Treatments Hit 5 Million Mark: Report
Blood Levels of Banned Flame Retardant Drop for Pregnant Women in California
Blood Pressure History May Affect Brain Function in Old Age
Blood Test May Have Power to Predict Alzheimer's
Blood Test Might Help Prevent Certain Birth Defects
Blood Test Might Help Spot, Monitor Concussions
Blood Test Shows Promise in Gauging Risk for Pregnancy Complication
Boosting Access to Healthier Grocery Stores Might Not Improve Eating Habits
Booze Brands in Pop Lyrics May Spur Teen Drinking, Study Says
Booze, Pot Bad for Teens in Different Ways, Study Suggests
Both Sides of Brain Involved in Speech, Study Finds
Bottle-Feeding May Raise Risk of Stomach Obstruction in Infants
Bowel Illnesses Sometimes Coincide in Kids
Brain Activity Changes in Pregnant Women, Study Finds
Brain Chemicals May Signal Which Preemies Will Have Delays
Brain Connections Strengthen As Kids Sleep, Study Suggests
Brain Differences Seen in Social Butterflies
Brain Injuries May Raise Risk of Early Death
Brain Injuries Tied to PTSD in Marines
Brain Researchers Spot Decision-Making Center in Rats
Brain Scans May Support Venus/Mars Divide Between Sexes
Brain Scans Might Spot Potential for Recovery From Coma
Brain Scans Show Fibromyalgia Patients Process Pain Differently
Brain Scans Show Why Psychopaths Don't Feel Your Pain
Brain Scans Spot Possible Clues to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Brain Study Explores 'Inner World' of Autism
Brains of Sex Addicts May Be Wired Like Those of Drug Addicts, Study Finds
Brain-Training Device May Ease Stroke Paralysis
Bras Blameless for Breast Cancer Risk: Study
Breast-Feeding May Help Obese Moms Lose Pregnancy Pounds
Bullies More Likely to Engage in Risky Sex, Study Finds
Bullying May Have Lasting Health Effects on Kids
Bullying Rates Drop Among American Teens: Study
By 9 Months, Baby's Visual Learning Kicks In: Study
California Teens Drinking More Sugary Drinks: Report
Calling Young Girls 'Fat' May Increase Their Teen-Obesity Risk
Can Afternoon Naps Help Preschoolers Learn Better?
Can Bacterial Infections During Pregnancy Raise Autism Risk?
Can Doing the Dishes Save a Young Marriage?
Can Exercise and an Occasional Drink Boost Eye Health?
Can Fire Retardants Raise Risk of Children Born With Lower IQs?
Can Hearing Music in the Womb Boost Babies' Brain Development?
Can High Altitudes Protect Football Players From Concussions?
Can Meditation Help Paralyzed People Sync Their Brains to Computers?
Can Vitamin C Ward Off Stroke?
Can't Settle on a Menu Selection? Listen to Your Tablemates
Car Crash Risk May Go Up During Pregnancy
Carbonation May Help Artificially Sweetened Soda 'Trick' the Brain
Cardiac Arrest During Childbirth More Common Than Thought: Study
Cashiers May Absorb Controversial Chemical When Handling Receipts
CDC: Docs Aren't Doing Enough to Discourage Problem Drinking
Cell-Targeted Therapy Shows Early Promise Against MS
Certain Antipsychotic Meds Tied to Kidney Problems in Elderly
Certain Birth Defects More Common Among Hispanics: Report
Certain Blood Proteins Higher in People Prone to Outbursts of Rage
Certain Childhood Fractures May Signal Low Bone Density: Study
Certain Type of Brain Malformation May Be Best Left Alone
Cheaper Food May Be Fueling U.S. Obesity Epidemic
Childhood Abuse May Lead to Health Ills in Adulthood
Childhood Cancer Report Brings Mixed News
Childhood Eczema Often Persists Into Adulthood, Study Finds
Childhood Events Tied to Slow Recovery From Depression Later
Childhood Mental Disability Rates Up, Study Finds
Childhood Music Lessons May Offer Lifelong Benefits
Childhood Obesity Again Tied to Earlier Puberty in Girls
Children of Teen Mothers Don't Have Mental Disadvantage, Study Suggests
Children Who Lose Close Relative at Risk of Mental Problems: Study
Children's Asthma Linked to Air Pollution in 2nd Trimester: Study
Chimps Prefer Firm 'Mattress'
Cholesterol Drug Might Help Slow MS Progression
Cholesterol Levels Spike During Winter Months, Study Finds
Civilian Life, Not Combat, May Drive Many Veterans to Drink
Clues to Obesity Found in Infants
College Drinking May Aggravate PTSD Symptoms
College Students Feel Pull of Cigarette Ads, Study Finds
College Students' Unhealthy Habits Can Mark Their Future
Common Genes Implicated in Autism Study
Computer Program Spots 21 Distinct Facial Expressions
Concussion Symptoms May Not Differ in Teen, Young Adult Athletes
Concussions Linked to Alzheimer's Risk in Study
Concussion's Damage to Brain Lingers After Symptoms Fade: Study
Consumer Reports Advises Pregnant Women to Avoid Tuna
Controlling Blood Pressure, Cholesterol May Not Boost Brain Health for Diabetics
Cool Teens, Uncool Future?
COPD May Damage Aging Brain
Could a Blood Test Predict Suicide Risk?
Could a Few Beers a Week Cut a Woman's Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk?
Could a Little Video Game Play Be Good for Kids?
Could a Tiny Worm Help Treat Autism?
Could Brain Thickness Point to Stronger Religious Belief?
Could Deep Brain Stimulation Make Parkinson's Patients Better Drivers?
Could Ecstasy Help People With Anxiety, PTSD?
Could Electrical Brain Stimulation Boost Perseverance?
Could Fitter Kids Be Smarter Kids, Too?
Could Infections Harm Memory in Older Adults?
Could Longer Maternity Leave Prevent Postpartum Depression?
Could More Time on Facebook Help Spur Eating Disorders?
Could Mothers' Allergy Shots in Pregnancy Lower Kids' Risk?
Could Stress Hormones Help Spur Stock Market Crashes?
Could Warmer Weather Hamper Brain Function in People With MS?
Counseling Does Little to Deter Youth Drinking, Review Finds
Counseling With HIV Testing May Not Help Prevent Future STDs
Counselors Give Smokers Best Chance to Quit: Study
Co-Workers Take Dim View of Women Who Seek Flex Time: Study
Crankier Babies May Get More TV Time
Creative Pursuits Might Boost Your Job Performance
Crows' Problem-Solving Skills Equal to Human 5-Year-Olds: Study
Crystal Meth May Jump-Start Injection Drug Use, Study Says
C-Section Birth May Raise Risk of Adult Obesity: Study
C-Section May Raise Odds of Failed Pregnancy Later: Study
Cyberbullying Knows No Socio-economic Bounds
Dads Who Do Housework May Spur Daughters to Aim High: Study
Daily High-Dose Vitamin E Might Delay Alzheimer's
Dark Side of 'Chat Rooms' for Troubled Teens: Talk of Self-Harm
DDT Exposure May Raise Alzheimer's Risk: Study
Deadly Brain Illness Discovered in British Family
Deep Brain Stimulation Safe for Older Parkinson's Patients: Study
Dementia Risk Might Rise for Older Women With Heart Disease
Depression During Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Psychiatric Trouble in Kids
Depression May Sometimes Foreshadow Parkinson's Diagnosis
Despite Childhood Obesity Epidemic, Few Kids Tested for Cholesterol
Despite Media Companies' Claims, Your Baby Can't Learn to Read: Study
Diabetes in Middle Age May Cause Memory Problems Later
Dialysis Benefits Pregnant Women With Kidney Disease, Study Finds
Did Recession Lead to Increase in Vasectomies?
Did Violence Shape Evolution of the Human Face?
Diet, Lifestyle Affect Prostate Cancer Risk, Studies Find
Dietary Supplements Can't Treat or Cure Concussions: FDA
Dieting at Young Age Often Backfires, Study Says
Different Areas of Brain Affected in Autism, Sensory Disorders
Different Bacteria Levels Seen in Women Who Give Preterm Birth: Study
Distracted Teen Drivers Often on Cellphone With Parent: Study
Distracted-Driving Deaths of Pedestrians, Cyclists Up in U.S., Study Finds
Distractions Seem More Troublesome With Age
DNA Can Predict Unusually Tall Height, Study Shows
Do Antidepressants in Pregnancy Raise Risks for Mental Woes in Kids?
Do Harder Working Husbands Have Healthier Wives?
Do Stressed-Out Men Have Weaker Sperm?
Do You Often Recall Dreams? Your Brain Might Be More Active
Docs Uncomfortable Judging Patients' Competency to Carry Guns
Docs Urged to Treat Unhealthy Habits Before Damage Is Done
Doctor's Eye Contact Strengthens Bond With Patient, Study Finds
Doctors' Groups Warn Against Underwater Births
Doctors Often Comply When Patients Ask for Advertised Drugs: Study
Doctors Warn Against Raw Milk for Kids, Pregnant Women
Does Facebook Make Women Feel Bad About Their Bodies?
Does Your Preschool Child Have ADHD?
Dogs Unleash Personality Traits on Walks
Domestic Violence Travels Down Through Generations, Study Finds
Don't Bother 'Faking It' in the Bedroom
Don't Order Fetal Ultrasound Videos As Souvenirs: FDA
Don't Pressure Preschoolers to Overeat, Experts Say
Don't Rule Out Vaginal Delivery for Twins, Study Says
Drinking Early in Pregnancy May Harm Placenta, Study Finds
Drinking Locations Factor Into Partner Violence, Study Says
Drinking Milk as Teens Might Not Protect Men's Bones, Study Suggests
Driving Ability May Falter With Age in HIV-Positive Adults
Drug Abusers at Risk for Suicidal Thoughts, Survey Finds
Drug Might Help Heavy Drinkers Limit Their Booze
Drug Therapy May Lower Odds That Kids With ADHD Will Smoke
Drunk-Driving Deaths Under-reported in U.S., Study Says
Ear Tubes May Not Have Long-Term Benefits for Kids With Ear Infections
Early Childhood Memories May Fade Long Before Childhood Is Over
Early Elective Childbirth May Raise Health Risks for Babies, Moms: Study
Early Periods May Signal Greater Diabetes Risk, Study Suggests
Early Puberty Tied to Higher Odds of Substance Use in Teens: Survey
Early Repetitive Behaviors May Signal Autism Risk
Ease Kids Into School Sleep Schedules
Easier Way for Doctors to Identify Substance Abuse?
'Eating for Two' During Pregnancy Could Pack on Too Many Pounds
Eating More Nuts During Pregnancy Might Help Prevent Allergies in Kids: Study
Eating Out Equals Eating More
Education Linked to Activity Levels During the Week
Einstein's Brain More 'Connected' Than Other Folks', Study Reveals
Electrical Brain Stimulation Might Help Fibromyalgia Patients
Elephants Comfort Each Other in Distress: Study
Elephants Understand Pointing, Research Shows
Embryo Selection May Help Prevent Some Inherited Disorders
Encouraging Your Baby's Babbling May Speed Language Development
Energy Drink 'Cocktails' May Boost Desire to Drink More
Energy Drinks, Coffee Increasing Sources of Caffeine for Kids, CDC Says
Epidural May Beat Patient-Controlled Painkiller for Childbirth, Study Finds
Epilepsy Drugs in Pregnancy May Affect Infants' Fine Motor Skills
Epilepsy Surgery Improves Patients' Lives, Research Finds
Estrogen After Menopause May Blunt Stress' Effects on Memory
Estrogen Receptor May Play a Role in Autism
Estrogen Won't Make Women Sharper After Menopause, Study Finds
Even Mild Blast Injuries Tied to Long-Term Brain Changes in Vets
Even Mild Concussion Can Cause Thinking, Memory Problems: Study
Even Mild Hits to the Head Might Harm the Brain, Study Finds
Even Minor Strokes May Take Years Off Life, Study Says
Even Moderate Drinking Might Raise Odds for Irregular Heartbeat
Exercise in Pregnancy May Boost Baby's Brain, Study Says
Exercise May Not Stave Off Holiday Weight Gain
Exercise Might Boost Men's Sperm Counts, Study Finds
Exercising Moms-to-Be Have Less Chubby Babies, Study Finds
Expectant Mothers' Colds May Affect Baby
Expert Tips for Those Grieving During Holiday Season
Experts: Don't Waste Your Money on Multivitamins
Exposure to Common Antibacterials May Affect Growth of Fetus: Study
Exposure To Common Chemical May Raise Risk of Preemie Delivery: Study
Extra Shuteye on Weekends May Not Replace Sleep Lost During Week
Extroverts Happier Regardless of Culture, Study Finds
Facebook Faux Pas: Awkward! Or Maybe Not
Facial Dimensions May Be Key to First Impressions
Failed Infertility Treatment Linked to Worse Mental Health in Study
Family Conflicts Can Impair Child's Brain Development: Study
Family Dog Can Help Kids With Autism
Family Meals May Keep Kids, Parents at Healthy Weight
'Fat Shaming' Doesn't Motivate Obese People to Lose Weight: Study
Fatal Car Crashes Involving Pot Use Have Tripled in U.S., Study Finds
FDA Advisers: Ban Use of Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices'
FDA Approves Implanted Brain Stimulator for Epilepsy
FDA Explores '3-Person' Embryo Fertilization
FDA Reconsiders Behavior-Modifying 'Shock Devices'
Fertility Treatments Behind High Rates of Multiple Births: Study
Fever in 1st Trimester Might Raise Risk of Birth Defects
Few Americans Get Recommended Emergency Stroke Care
Few Good Resources on Self-Harm Exist Online, Study Finds
Fewer U.S. Teens Using Sunscreen, Study Finds
Fido Really Can Recognize Your Face
Films Featuring Dogs Seem to Boost a Breed's Popularity
Fine Muscle Control May Continue Developing Into Teen Years
First-Time Cesarean Rates Dipped in 2012: CDC
Fish Oil Might Guard Against Loss of Brain Cells
'Fist Bump' May Beat Handshake for Cleanliness
Fit Kids Have Better Body-Fat Distribution, Study Finds
Fitness May Boost Kids' Brainpower
'Five-Second' Food Rule May Be Real, Study Finds
Flame Retardants Common in Dust at Child Care Centers: Study
Fluorescent Scans May Have Potential to Track Alzheimer's Progression
Flushed Complexion After Drinking Could Point to High Blood Pressure Risk
Food Allergies Have Nearly Doubled Among Black Children
Food Safety Counts, Especially During the Holiday Season
Football Helmets Not Much Protection Against Hits to Side of the Head: Study
For Breech Baby, C-Section May Be Safer Option: Study
For Greater Happiness, Spend Your Money on 'Life Experiences': Study
For Happy Marriage, His Personality May Be Key
For Kids, Risks of Parental Smoking Persist Long-Term, Study Finds
Foreclosures May Raise Neighbors' Blood Pressure
Frequent Arguments Might Be the Death of You
Frequent School Moves May Harm Kids' Mental Health
Friend or Lover? Your Voice May Give You Away
Front-of-Head Hits Blamed for Nearly Half of Young Football Player Concussions
Gains of 'Brain Training' for Elderly Seen 10 Years Later
Gardens a Center of Calm for People With Dementia
Gastro Woes More Common in Kids With Autism: Review
Gay Teen Boys More Likely to Use Muscle-Building Steroids: Survey
Gays, Lesbians Face Certain Health Challenges, U.S. Report Says
Gel May Offer Simple Treatment for Newborns With Low Blood Sugar
Gene Discoveries Could Shed New Light on Schizophrenia
Gene Mutation May Double Rate of Brain Tissue Lost to Alzheimer's
Gene Mutation May Make Food More Tempting
Gene Mutation Tied to Higher Obesity Risk in Kids
Gene Study Gives New Insight Into Puberty in Girls
Gene Study Offers Clues to Why Autism Strikes More Males
Genes Beat Family, Teachers for Academic Success, Study Suggests
Genes May Be Key to Language Delay in Kids
Genes May Be to Blame for Hard-to-Handle Toddlers
Genes, Environment May Play Equal Parts in Autism Risk: Study
Genetic Condition May Be Mistaken for Autism in Some Kids: Report
Get Tougher on Texting While Driving, Americans Say
Girls' Brain Connectivity Happens Sooner Than for Boys: Study
Give Aspirin to All Pregnant Women at Risk of Preeclampsia: U.S. Experts
Giving CPR for More Than 30 Minutes May Be Worth It
Giving Thanks Could Be Good for You
Gluten-Free Diet May Lift the 'Fog' of Celiac Patients, Study Says
Goats Aren't Dummies
Good Heart Health May Keep Your Mind Sharp, Too
Good Schools May Be Good for a Teen's Health, Too
Grades Dive With Internet Use During Class Time, Study Finds
'Grazing' Appears No Better for Weight Loss Than Standard Meals
Grief in Pregnancy May Trigger Obesity in Adulthood
Guard Your Good Vision, Experts Say
Guidelines Aim to Detect More Congenital Heart Defects in Womb
Gun Violence in PG-13 Movies Tripled Since 1985, Study Finds
Gut Bacteria in Preemies Could Lead to Life-Threatening Infections
Guys, Don't Bother Trying to Sound Sexy
Hairdo Trumps Exercise for Many Black Women, Study Finds
'Half a Glass' Rule May Curb Overdrinking
Hands-Free Cellphones Don't Make Driving Safer, Review Shows
Hangovers Don't Delay the Next Drink, Study Finds
Happy Couples Nestle Together at Night, Survey Finds
Having 2 Parents With Alzheimer's May Raise Risk of Early Brain Changes
Having Babies May Be 'Contagious' Among Long-Time Friends
Head Injuries Tied to Higher Migraine Risk for Veterans
Headbanging to Heavy Metal Music Linked To Man's Brain Bleed
'Heading' Soccer Ball Can Damage Brain, Study Says
Health Disparities Persist in America: Report
Health Risks, Costs Much Higher With Multiple Births: Study
Health Tip: Being Healthy Parents
Health Tip: Add Iron to Your Diet During Pregnancy
Health Tip: Are Your Toddler's Toes Turning?
Health Tip: Avoid Emotional Driving
Health Tip: Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
Health Tip: Avoiding Parental Burnout
Health Tip: Communicating With Kids
Health Tip: Controlling Anger
Health Tip: Easing the Discomfort of Late Pregnancy
Health Tip: Eat Breakfast
Health Tip: Eat Omega-3s During Pregnancy
Health Tip: Eating Fish During Pregnancy
Health Tip: Eating When You're Not Hungry
Health Tip: Embrace Your Body
Health Tip: Encourage Independence Among Preschoolers
Health Tip: Exercise While Watching Television
Health Tip: Find a Healthy Balance Between Office and Home
Health Tip: Get Healthy Before Pregnancy
Health Tip: Get the Right Nutrients While Nursing
Health Tip: Giving Children Chores
Health Tip: Help Children Quit Thumb Sucking
Health Tip: Help Ease Separation Anxiety at Night
Health Tip: Help Your Child Give Up Thumb Sucking
Health Tip: Helping Your Newborn Sleep
Health Tip: If You Aren't Hungry, Don't Eat
Health Tip: If Your Child Has a Learning Disability
Health Tip: Is Baby in Pain?
Health Tip: Is Your Child Old Enough to Stay Home Alone?
Health Tip: Is Your Teen Abusing Alcohol?
Health Tip: Limiting Kids' TV Time
Health Tip: Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight
Health Tip: Preparing for Potty Training
Health Tip: Preparing for the First Day of School
Health Tip: Preparing to Become Pregnant
Health Tip: Promoting Social Behavior in Toddlers
Health Tip: Quit Smoking, Especially While Pregnant
Health Tip: Reading Out Loud With Your Child
Health Tip: Recognize Signs of Bullying
Health Tip: Relax During the Holidays
Health Tip: Set Rules About TV Time
Health Tip: Should I Work During Pregnancy?
Health Tip: Stay Active With Baby
Health Tip: Strengthening Your Brain
Health Tip: Switching to a 'Big Kid' Bed
Health Tip: Take Care of Your Teeth During Pregnancy
Health Tip: Talk to Kids About Strangers
Health Tip: Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol
Health Tip: Teach Children About Responsibility
Health Tip: Teens, Take Action to Become Healthier
Health Tip: Understanding Gestational Diabetes
Health Tip: Watching Your Weight During Pregnancy
Health Tip: Weaning Baby From a Bottle
Health Tip: What to Exclude from Baby's Crib
Health Tip: When Baby Spits Up Excessively
Health Tip: Why Babies Wake at Night
Healthy Habits May Help Childhood Cancer Survivors Avoid Chronic Ills
Healthy Lifestyle May Mean Healthy Pregnancy
Hearing Loss Might Make Elderly Feel More Isolated
Hearing Loss Tied to Faster Brain Shrinkage With Age
Heart Disease No. 1 Cause of Pregnancy-Related Deaths in California: Study
Heat Waves Tied to Higher Rates of Early-Term Deliveries
Heavy Drinking Can Dry Up a Marriage If One Spouse Abstains
Heavy Drinking in Middle Age May Speed Memory Loss for Men
Heavy Kids Exposed to Everyday Chemicals May Face More Heart Risks
Helmets Not Helpful for Babies With 'Flat Head' Syndrome: Study
Help Your Children Manage Media Use, Experts Urge
High Blood Pressure in Middle Age, Weaker Brain Later?
High Cholesterol May Delay Parenthood, Study Suggests
High Praise Might Backfire on Kids With Low Self-Esteem
Higher Altitude May Lower Sports Concussion Risk, Study Suggests
Higher Doses of Antidepressants Linked to Suicidal Behavior in Young Patients: Study
Hit TV Show or Not? Brainwaves May Tell
Home Nurse Visits May Improve Survival of Moms, Babies
Home Visits During Pregnancy and Beyond May Give Poor Kids a Boost
Hormone Might Help Preemies' Brains
Hormone Takes the High Out of Weed, Rodent Study Finds
Hospital Policy Spurs New Moms to Get Whooping Cough Shot
Hot Cars Can Quickly Prove Deadly for Kids
How the 'Love Hormone' Works Its Magic
How to Make 'Low-Cal' Menu Options More Palatable
How Your Brain 'Hears' Speech
HPV Shot Doesn't Encourage Sexual Activity in Young Girls: Study
Human Brain Has Coping Mechanism for Dehydration
Human Error Usually the Cause of Lack of Oxygen During Childbirth
Human-Type Epilepsy Discovered in Sea Lions
Hypnosis May Help Improve Deep Sleep
Ibuprofen, Aleve Won't Raise Miscarriage Risk: Study
Imaging Provides New Insights Into Schizophrenia
Implanted Device Lowers Blood Pressure in Rat Study
In Elections, Thin May Help Bring the Win
Inactivity May Be Main Culprit in Obesity Epidemic: Study
Indoor Tanning Laws Help Keep Teen Girls Away, Study Finds
Induced Labor May Lower Risk for C-Section, Study Finds
Infants Exposed to Smoking in Womb at Risk of Infections, Death: Study
Infants' Response to Talking Faces May Be Clue to Autism
Infections Like Colds, Chickenpox Tied to Some Stroke Risk in Kids
Inside the Autistic Brain: New Research Challenges Current Beliefs
Insights Gained Into Tourette Syndrome
Insomniacs' Brains May Work Differently
Intensive Early Childhood Education May Boost Adult Health
Intensive Substance-Abuse Treatment Fails to Deliver Better Results: Study
Iodine Deficiency Common in Pregnancy, Pediatricians Warn
Iron Deficiency May Raise Stroke Risk
Irregular Bedtimes Lead to Behavior Problems in Kids: Study
Is All That TV Killing You?
Is He the Impatient Type? Check His Eyes
Is Your Brain Overheating? Try Yawning
It's Better to Prevent a Sunburn Than to Treat One, Dermatologist Says
It's Natural for Winners to Strike a Victory Pose, Research Shows
It's Not Just Anniversaries: Men Are the More Forgetful Sex
IUD Won't Hurt Future Fertility, Study Contends
James Bond's Dirty Little Spy Secret: He's an Alcoholic
Japan Quake Shows How Stress Alters the Brain
Jury Still Out on Routine Dementia Screening for Seniors
Jury Still Out on Whether Doctors Should Screen for Suicide Risk
Just 1.5 Hours of TV a Day May Disrupt Kids' Sleep, Study Says
Just Imagining Brightness Might Make Your Eyes React
Just One Season of Hits in High School Football May Alter Brain: Study
Keep Lice Off Your Child's Head
Key Brain 'Networks' May Differ in Autism, Study Suggests
Kidney and Thyroid Cancer Rates Up Among U.S. Children, Study Finds
Kidney Damage a Risk of Some Childhood Cancer Treatments, Finds Study
Kidney Transplant Rejection Drugs Tied to Pregnancy Risks in Study
Kids' Body Image Shaped by Parents, Expert Says
Kids Bullied During Gym Class May Stop Exercising
Kids From Dairy Farms Have Lower Allergy Risk, Study Finds
Kids' Genetic Risk for Obesity Rises With Age, Study Finds
Kids' Happiness Doesn't Depend on 2 Natural Parents, Says Study
Kids Lacking At-Home Enrichment Gain Most From Head Start: Study
Kids More Likely Than Adults To Be Resistant to HIV Meds: Study
Kids' Obesity Risk Rises With Parents' Divorce: Study
Kids on Tight Schedules May Lose Out, Study Says
Kids' Social Skills May Suffer When Mothers Drink During Pregnancy
Kids Still Getting Too Much 'Screen Time': CDC
Kids Still Spanked, to Their Detriment, Study Finds
Kids View Too Many TV Ads for Booze, Study Finds
Kids Who Exercise More May Get Better Grades
Kids Who Repeat a Grade Can Become Discipline Problems, Study Says
Kids With ADHD May Benefit From 'Brain Wave' Training in School: Study
Kids With ADHD May Face Higher Obesity Risk as Teens
Kids With Autism Have Extra Brain Connections, Study Says
Kids With Autism Often Have Trouble Sleeping, Study Shows
Kids With Head Injuries May Be Prone to Depression
Lab Mice Stressed Out By Men, But Not Women, Study Finds
Labeling Food With 'Stop' or 'Go' Colors Might Spur Healthier Diet
Language Problems Common for Kids With ADHD, Study Finds
Laughter May Work Like Meditation in the Brain
Learning Another Language May Help the Aging Brain
Learning Challenging Skills Tied to Better Memory in Seniors
Legal Drinking Age of 21 Saves Lives, Review Finds
Less Flexibility Seen in Brain Wiring of Kids With Autism: Study
Less Physical Activity, More TV for Today's Moms, Study Finds
Less Sleep in Teen Years Tied to More Pounds at 21
Levodopa May Beat Newer Meds for Long-Term Parkinson's Care: Study
Life Skills, Parenting Classes May Cut Inflammation in Poor Kids
Lifetime of Learning Might Thwart Dementia, Study Suggests
Like Humans, Chimps' Smarts May Rely on Genes
Like Humans, Ravens Understand There's a Pecking Order
Link Seen Between Hardening of Arteries, Alzheimer's Plaques
Literature Lovers May 'Read' Other People Better
Little Cigars Liked by Teens Are Still 'Candy-Flavored Tobacco': Report
Living in Rich Neighborhood May Fuel Materialism
Long Periods of Delirium in ICU May Raise Risk of Mental Impairment
Long-Banned Chemicals May Still Interfere With Seniors' Thinking
Lots of Texting, Emailing Going On in College Classrooms
'Love Hormone' Oxytocin May Help Some With Autism
'Love Hormone' Oxytocin May Play Key Role in Kids' Social Skills
Low Iron in Brain a Sign of ADHD?
Low Vitamin D Could Up Risk for Birth Complication: Study
Lower Blood Sugar Levels May Aid Memory, Study Suggests
Lower IQ, Worse Heart Fitness in Teens Linked to Risk of Early Dementia in Men
Lower Obesity Rates Due to Better Diets, Not Economy: Study
Lower Smog Levels Tied to Lower Birth Weights
Lung Ultrasound Can Spot Risk of Respiratory Failure in Pregnancy: Study
Magnetic Brain Stimulation May Help Smokers Quit
Magnetic Brain Stimulation Shows Promise Against Eating Disorders
Make Kids' Weight Loss a Family Affair, Study Suggests
Male Birth Control Shows Promise in Mice
Many Asthma Patients Don't Stick to Treatment Plan, Study Finds
Many Don't Want to Be Alone With Their Thoughts
Many Kids May Have High Cholesterol, Regardless of Weight
Many Kids With Autism on Multiple Medications, Study Finds
Many More Kids Visiting ER for Sports Concussions, Study Finds
Many New Mothers Skip Important 6-Week Checkup, Study Finds
Many Obese Women Face Stigma Every Day, Study Finds
Many People Ignore, Miss Calorie Counts on Fast-Food Menus: Survey
Many Pregnant Women Not Told to Avoid Environmental Toxins
Many Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients May Skip Meds: Study
Many Sexually Active U.S. Teens Not Tested for HIV: CDC
Many Teens Don't Discuss Their Sex Life at Annual Checkup
Many U.S. Women Prescribed Narcotic Pain Meds During Pregnancy
Many With Schizophrenia Say They're Happy: Study
Many Young Males Report Unwanted Sex
Marketing of Unhealthy Foods Still Common in U.S. Schools: Study
Medical Marijuana May Ease Some MS Symptoms, Study Concludes
Medical Marijuana's Legalization Doesn't Raise Crime Rates: Study
Medications Plus Parent Training May Help Kids With Aggression, ADHD
Meds That Prevent HIV Infection Don't Spur Risky Behavior: Study
Memory Problems After Chemo Linked to Brain Changes
Men May Stroll a Little Slower Down Lovers' Lane
Men With Deep Voices Attract More Women, Study Finds
Mental Decline a Risk Factor for Stroke, Study Suggests
Mental Illness Linked to Shortened Life Spans
Mental Illness Not a Driving Force Behind Crime: Study
Mercury Levels Dropping in Younger U.S. Women: Report
Migraines Linked to Increased Risk of 'Silent Strokes'
Mild Electrical Zaps to Brain Induce 'Lucid Dreaming' in Study
'Milestone' Therapy Produces Leg Movement in Paraplegics
Missing Genes May Be Tied to Development of Autism: Study
'Mixing' of Senses More Common in Autism: Study
Mom's Epilepsy Drugs Appear Safe in Breast Milk
Mom's Response to Baby's Cry a Matter of Memory
Moms Who Keep 'Baby Weight' May Risk Heart Trouble
Moms With Lupus More Likely to Have Children With Autism, Study Suggests
Mondays Might Be Your Best Day to Quit Smoking
Monkey Research Shows How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help the Brain
More Children Hit by Cars in September, Experts Say
More Evidence Breast-Feeding Lowers Child's Risk of Infections, Allergies
More Evidence Environmental Exposures Contribute to Autism
More Evidence Links Poor Diet to Preterm Birth
More Research Links Poor Heart Health With Alzheimer's Risk
More Signs Autism May Originate During Pregnancy
More Than 6 Percent of U.S. Teens Take Psychiatric Meds: Survey
More Wealth May Lead to More Disappointment, Study Finds
More Weight Gain in Pregnancy Tied to Higher Autism Risk for Kids: Study
More Women Delaying First Pregnancy: CDC
Most Alcohol-Linked Deaths Occur Among Working-Age Adults: CDC
Most People Have Unwanted Thoughts, International Study Finds
Mother's Birthplace May Affect Autism Risk in Kids
Mother's Pregnancy Weight Gain May Influence Child's Obesity Risk
Mother's Smoking, Early Birth May Raise ADHD Risk in Children
Mother's Voice on Special Pacifier Helps Preemies Learn to Eat
Mouse Study Hints at Plastics Chemical's Link to Prostate Cancer Risk
Mouse Study May Shed Light on Huntington's Disease
Mouse Study Supports Notion of 'Tanning Addiction'
Moving Out of Poor Neighborhood May Disrupt Boys' Mental Health: Study
MRI Technique May Help Detect Parkinson's Earlier
Much More Must Be Done to Lower Smoking Rates, Experts Say
Multiple Egg Donations May Not Affect Women's Future Fertility: Study
Music Lessons May Help Bridge 'Achievement Gap'
Music May Be Especially Stimulating During Pregnancy
Music May Benefit Your Brain
Music Training May Boost Young Brains, Studies Suggest
Naps Enhance Learning for Young Children, Study Says
Natural Conception Later in Life Tied to Longer Life for Women
Natural Delivery After a C-Section Often Successful: Study
Neanderthal DNA Influences Modern Humans: Study
Neanderthal Poop Yields Clues to Early Man's Diet
New Campaign Seeks to Help Sleep-Deprived Americans
New Clues to Link Between MS Drug Tysabri and Rare Brain Disease
New Combo Approach May Ease Severe 'Ringing in the Ears'
New Diagnosis Rules Could Lead to Drop in Autism Numbers
New Drug Shows Early Promise in Treating Parkinson's Psychosis
New Guidelines Aim to Lower Stroke Risk in Women
New Infertility Treatment Leads to First Baby, Researchers Report
New Insights Into Sleeping Disorder Narcolepsy
New Myelin Loss Linked to MS Severity: Study
New Research May Help Spare Patients 'Accidental Awareness' During Surgery
New Study Challenges Dyslexia-Brain Changes Link
New Test Helps Diagnose Intellectual Disability in Children
New Test May Spot Which Embryos Stand Greatest Chance of Survival
New Tool May Help Identify Deadly Brain Bleed
Newborns Fed Formula in Hospital Less Likely to Be Breast-Fed Later
Newly Discovered Gene May Shed Light on Certain Brain Disorders
News Coverage of Teen Suicides May Have Ripple Effect
NFL Veterans Show 'Abnormalities' in Brain Activity: Study
Nicotine Patches Don't Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking: Study
NIH Launches 'Nerve Stimulation' Trial to Ease Tinnitus
NIH, NFL Team Up to Take On Concussion Research
Nine of 10 American Kids Eat Too Much Salt: CDC
No Connection Between Induced Labor, Autism: Obgyns
No Sign That ADHD Meds Raise Suicide Risk: Study
Non-Delivery Hospital Stay May Raise Clot Risk During Pregnancy
Not Everyone With Alzheimer's-Linked Protein Develops Dementia: Study
Number of Induced Labors Falling in U.S., CDC Says
Ob/Gyn Groups Issue Guidelines to Lower C-Section Rates
Obama Administration Offers New Rules for Religious Objections to Health Care Law
Obamacare Should Help Those With Mental Health Issues, Advocates Say
Obese People May Be More Vulnerable to Food Cues
Obesity During Pregnancy Linked to Raised Asthma Risk in Kids
Obesity Linked to Increased Odds of Losing Baby, Study Finds
Obstetric Complication Rates Vary Widely Between Hospitals in U.S.
Occupational Hazard for Teachers?
Off Season May Not Be Long Enough to Recover From Football 'Hits'
Older Adults Sharpest in the Morning, Study Finds
Older Breast Cancer Patients Do Follow Drug Therapy: Study
Older Mothers at Higher Risk of Child With Autism, Study Suggests
Omega-3s in Diet May Help Ward Off Lou Gehrig's Disease
OMG, Guys Can Talk Like Valley Girls, Too?
One Part of the Brain Doesn't Age, Study Suggests
Overuse Injuries May Rise When Kids Specialize in One Sport
Overweight Moms May Have Dangerously Big Babies
Overweight Teen Years Tied to Later Cancer Risk
Overweight Teens Feel Stigmatized, Bullied: Study
Parental Messages That Stress No Alcohol Do Get Through, Survey Finds
Parental Stress, Domestic Violence May Affect Kids' Development: Study
Parents' Addiction May Be Linked to Arthritis in Offspring
Parents' Divorce May Hit Higher-Income Kids Harder
Parents' Feeding Choices May Raise Baby's Risk for Celiac Disease
Parents' Fights May Strain Bonds With Their Kids
Partial Skull Removal May Save Older Patients' Lives After Massive Stroke
Pediatricians Offer New Dental Recommendations
Pediatrics Group Wants Parents to Read to Their Children Every Day
People With Autism May Recognize Faces in Different Way: Study
People With High Blood Pressure Often Have a 'Salt Tooth'
People With More Education May Recover Better From Brain Injury
People Worldwide May Feel Mind-Body Connections in Same Way
Personal Reminders Seem to Boost Mammography Rates
Persuasive Power of Eye Contact May Be a Myth, Study Suggests
Physical Activity May Boost School Performance, Especially for Boys
Placenta Might Have Its Own Helpful Bacteria
Playing Video Game May Boost MS Patients' Balance: Study
Poor Quality Sleep May Be Linked to Shrinking Brain
Poor Sleep in Gulf War Vets May Be Tied to Brain Changes
Poor Sleep Tied to Mental Decline in Older Men
Poorer Childhoods, More Colds as Adults?
Pop Songs May Awaken Fond Memories for Brain-Damaged Patients
Popular Morning Sickness Drug Safe in Pregnancy, Study Finds
Popular Southern Fare May Harm Your Kidneys
Postpartum Depression Often Linked to Long-Term Woes, Review Suggests
Post-Surgery Pain Tied to Temporary Memory Decline in Mice
Pot Isn't Harmless, Top U.S. Health Official Says
Pot Smoking in Pregnancy Tied to Stillbirth Risk
Potentially Helpful Omega-3 Fatty Acids Can Cross to Brain: Study
Poverty May Harm a Child's Brain Development, Study Suggests
Power Down to Speed Concussion Recovery: Study
'Practice Makes Perfect' Genes May Be Key to Great Musicians
Preemie Birth Linked to Higher Insulin Levels in Kids
Preemie Breathing Problems Might Linger in Adulthood
Preemies' 'Excessive' Crying Tied to Risk of Behavior Problems Later
Preemies May Have Higher Risk of Blood Clots, Even as Adults
Preemies Show Subtle Differences in Brain Development
Preemies' Thinking Skills May Catch Up by Adolescence
Pregnancy Ultrasound a Big Bonding Moment for Dads-to-Be
Pregnancy-Related Diabetes Tied to Future Heart Risk
Pregnant or Breast-feeding Women Urged to Eat More Fish
Pregnant Women May Be More Vulnerable to Potentially Dangerous Infection: Study
Premature Babies Benefit From Adult Talk, Study Finds
Premature Birth Linked to Asthma, Wheezing in Childhood
Premature 'Water Breaking' During Pregnancy Linked to Bacteria
Prenatal Fish Oil Supplements May Not Boost Child's Brain Health, Study Finds
Preschoolers Beat College Kids at Figuring Out Gadgets
Preschoolers Getting Too Much Screen Time: Survey
Preschoolers With Special Needs May Gain From 'Inclusion' Classrooms
Preterm Birth May Raise Child's Asthma Risk, Study Suggests
Preterm Boys Face Worse Odds Than Girls, Study Says
Preterm or Small Birth Tied to Long-Term Risks to Heart, Brain
Probiotics Don't Prevent Childhood Asthma, Study Finds
Putting Baby to Sleep on Animal Fur May Lower Asthma Risk: Study
Quick Vision Test May Help Spot Concussions on Sidelines
Quitting Smoking Linked to Better Mental Health in Study
Racism Takes a Toll on Kids' Mental Health, Research Shows
Recessions May Contribute to Mental Decline Years Later: Study
Regrets About Sex May Depend on Your Gender
Research Probes Autism's Origins in the Brain
Researchers Closer to Test for Human Form of 'Mad Cow' Disease
Researchers Create Functional 3-D Brain-Like Tissue
Researchers Describe 1st 'Functional Cure' of HIV in Baby
Researchers Discover How 'Magic Mushrooms' Affect the Brain
Researchers Don't See Long-Term Benefits From Drug for Preemies
Researchers Pinpoint Brain Region Where Contextual Memories Are Made
Researchers See Link Between Dyslexia, Abuse
Researchers Shed Light on Link Between Stress, Heart Trouble
Researchers Spot Potential New Culprit Behind Alzheimer's
Rhymes Reveal Evidence of Learning in the Womb
Righty? Lefty? Genes' Role Still Unclear
Rigid Parenting Style Linked to Obese Kids
Robin Williams' Death Shines Light on Depression, Substance Abuse
Robin Williams Had Early Stage Parkinson's Disease, Wife Reveals
Robin Williams Had Parkinson's Disease, Wife Says
Same Genes May Influence Reading, Math Skills: Study
Scans Show Brain-Connection Differences in Those With Epilepsy
Scans Show Even 'Late' Preemies Have Brain Differences
Scents May Sway Your Sense of Beauty
Schizophrenia Linked to Pregnancy Complications, Study Suggests
School Vending-Machine Bans May Not Boost Kids' Nutrition: Study
Science Finds Way to Block Booze's Effect -- in Worms
Science Probes Secrets of 'Contagious Yawning'
Scientists Erase, Then Restore Memories in Rats
Scientists Find Differences in Brains of Those With Dyslexia
Scientists Find More Genes Tied to Alcoholism Risk
Scientists Gain Genetic Insight Into Alzheimer's Disease
Scientists Probe What Makes People Get Their Groove On
Scientists 'Rewrite' Bad Memories in Mice
Scientists Shed Light on Link Between Depression, Dementia
Scientists Spot Brain's 'Off' Switch for Water Intake
Scientists Spot Clues to Why Males Have Tougher Time in the Womb
Scientists Watch Imagination at Work in the Brain
Sea Lion Shows Non-Human Mammals Also Have Rhythm
Secondhand Smoke Linked to Miscarriage Risk
Secure Your Prescription Drugs When Hosting Holiday Parties: Experts
Selective Breeding of Dogs Can Cause Harm
'Senior Moments' Don't Seem to Lead to Dementia for Most
Seniors' Sleep Woes May Be Linked to Loss of Brain Cells
'Sensitive' Older Sibling May Help Boost Preschoolers' Language Skills
Sensory Therapy Might Work for Kids With Autism
Several Medications Can Help People Quit Drinking: Study
Severe Blood Infections During Childbirth on Rise in U.S. Women
Sex Is Important to Many Midlife Women
Sexual Harassment Really Is Rampant in Bars, Study Finds
Shape, Size of Wine Glass May Skew How Much You Pour
Shared Family Activities May Boost Preschoolers' Emotional Health
Shopping Doesn't Help in Face of Trauma, Researchers Say
Short 'Birth Spacing' Linked to Preterm Delivery
Shy Kids Might Not Have Difficulty With Language
Sibling Bullies May Leave Lasting Effects
Sight, Sound Out of Sync in Kids With Autism, Study Finds
Simple Method May Help Predict Tiny Preemies' Outlook
Simple Steps Make Shots Less Scary for Kids, Nurse Says
Single Gene May Predict Mental Decline After Heart Surgery
Single Moms' Job Loss May Have Long Term Impact on Kids
Single-Sex Education's Benefits Challenged in Study
Sit Less, Protect Your DNA and Live Longer?
Size of Brain Aneurysm Doesn't Predict Chances of Rupture: Study
Size of Fetus May Affect Stillbirth Risk
Skilled Typing May Rely on More Than Knowing the Keys
Skin Cancer Patients Not Avoiding Sun, Study Suggests
'Sleep Drunkenness' Is Common and Linked to Other Behavior Issues
Sleep May Be Brain's 'Cleaning' Time, Mouse Study Suggests
Slightly Higher Risk of Birth Defects Seen in Pregnant Women on HIV Drugs
Slower Brain Connections May Be at Root of Dyslexia
Small Study Hints Fish Oil Might Ease Tough-to-Treat Epilepsy
Smaller Brain Volume Seen in College Football Players in Study
Smaller Classes May Be Key to High School Friendships
Smartphone App May Help People Overcome Alcoholism
Smokers' Brains Perk Up at Positive Cigarette Images: Study
Smoking Banned in More Than 80 Percent of U.S. Homes: CDC
Smoking Before Fatherhood May Raise Asthma Risk in Kids: Study
Smoking in Pregnancy May Be Linked to Baby's Heart Defects
Smoking in Pregnancy May Be Tied to Bipolar Disorder in Adult Offspring: Study
Smoking in Pregnancy Tied to Later Nicotine Addiction in Daughters
Smoking More Likely Among Teens Whose Parents Light Up
Smoking While Pregnant Linked to ADHD in Children
Smoking While Pregnant Raises Baby's Risk of Cleft Palate, Cleft Lip
Snoring in Pregnancy Tied to Possible Health Concerns
Snoring, High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy May Raise Apnea Risk
Snubbed? Brain Chemicals Might Comfort You
Social Isolation Linked to More Pain After Hip Replacement
Spanking May Be More Common Than Parents Admit
Spanking Triggers Vicious Cycle, Study Finds
Speaking Two Languages May Delay Dementia Symptoms
Sperm Donor Age May Not Affect Infertility Treatment Success: Study
Spotting Cause of Newborn Brain Injury Could Aid Prevention, Report Says
Spotting, Treating Autism Symptoms in Infancy May Prevent Delays
Spring Break Drunkenness a Dangerous Tradition
Stalking Can Take Mental Toll on Victims, Study Confirms
Standing During Meetings May Get Creative Juices Flowing
Start School Later for Older Kids, Pediatricians Urge
State Laws Can Help Curb Binge Drinking, Study Says
Statins May Not Harm Memory, Thinking After All
Steer Clear of Dietary Supplements for Concussions: FDA
Stem Cell Research Offers Clues About Schizophrenia
Stem Cells Reverse MS-Like Illness in Mice
Steroids May Not Be Wise Choice for Intensive-Care Patients
Stillbirth Remains an 'Unacknowledged Problem'
Stillbirths Higher After Hurricanes Katrina And Rita: Study
Stress Can Quickly Harm Kids' Health: Study
Stress May Diminish a Woman's Fertility, Study Suggests
Stressed by Work-Life Balance? Just Exercise
Stressful Middle Age Tied to Higher Alzheimer's Risk in Women
Stroke Risk May Persist Longer Than Thought After Childbirth
Students' Health Habits Tied to School Success
Students Smoke Weed Despite Drug Testing at Schools, Study Finds
Study Challenges Myths About Frequent ER Users
Study Links Casual Marijuana Use to Changes in Brain
Study Links Pesticide Exposure During Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Kids
Study of Male Birth Defect Lets Pesticides Off the Hook -- for Now
Study Probes Heroin Addiction's Effect on the Brain
Study Probes Link Between Early Antibiotic Use, Asthma
Study Probes Why Kids With Autism Are Oversensitive to Touch, Noise
Study Probes Why Truckers Use Booze, Illicit Drugs
Study Questions Fish Oil Brain Claims
Study Questions Link Between Antidepressants, Miscarriage
Study Sees Differences in Brain Connections of Kids With ADHD
Study Sheds Light on How Immune System Works in Infants
Study Sheds Light on Link Between Pesticides, Parkinson's
Study Suggests Late-Term Preemies Don't Do as Well in Life
Study Supports Durability of Parkinson's Treatment
Study Ties Antidepressant Use in Pregnancy to Autism Risk in Boys
Study Ties Home Births to Higher Infant Death Rates
Study Ties Multiple Births to Higher Costs, Complications
Study Ties Too Much Sitting to Risks for Certain Cancers
Study Ties Weight-Loss Surgery to Higher Risk of Preemie Birth
Study Weighs Safety of Epilepsy Drugs in Pregnancy
Study: Kids With ADHD, Aggression May Benefit From 2nd Med
Study: Minimum Pricing for Alcohol Would Affect Poorer, High-Risk Drinkers
Study: Rare Blood Type May Slightly Raise Dementia Risk
Study: Similar Outcomes From Combat Head Injuries, Regardless of Cause
Study: Young Adults Who Had Depression Have 'Hyper-Connected' Brain Networks
Stutterers Show Different Brain Development, Study Says
Substance-Abuse Treatment Often Tough to Find for Medicaid Patients
Suicide a Risk for Young Cancer Patients, Study Finds
Summer's The Perfect Time for Healthy Eating
Sunny Skies Tied to Suicide Rates
Supreme Court: Some Companies Don't Have to Cover Birth Control
Surgery Might Top Drugs as First Therapy for Irregular Heartbeat: Study
Surprise: Guys and Girls Both Check Out Breasts
Sutures Bested Staples After C-Section in Study
Sweet, Salty Taste Preferences Tied Together in Kids
Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy May Not Raise Autism Risk
Taking Antipsychotic Drugs While Pregnant May Harm Newborns: Study
'Talking' Medical Devices, Apps Continue to Evolve
Tamoxifen's Mental Side Effects Are Real, Study Shows
Teaching Sleep Tips to Parents Seems to Help Kids With Autism
Teen Birth Rate Has Dropped Dramatically in Last Two Decades: CDC
Teen Pregnancy Rates Much Higher for Girls With Serious Mental Illness: Study
Teen 'Sexting' Has a Double Standard, Study Shows
Teens' Daily Marijuana Use Linked to Poor Outcomes
Teens Drawn to Heavily Advertised Alcohol Brands: Study
Teens' Indoor Tanning May Be Linked to Unhealthy Dieting
Teens May Have Less Impulse Control When Faced With Danger
Teens' Screen Time May Affect Their Bone Health: Study
Teens Who Are Night Owls May Struggle in School
Teens Who Indoor Tan Often Take Other Health Risks: Survey
Teens Who 'Sext' Don't Dwell on Consequences
Testing for Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes Should Be Routine, Experts Say
Texting While Walking Often Leads to Injuries: Expert
The Best New Year's Resolutions Are Those You Can Keep
The Parenting Trap: Coddling Anxious Kids
Thinking, Memory Problems Tied to Blockages in Neck Artery
Those Rocked by Recession Most Likely to Hit the Bottle: Study
Those With Insurance More Likely to Use Preventive Care: Study
Three-Quarters of U.S. Teens Say They Don't Drink
Time of Month May Affect Women's Concussion Recovery
Time Outdoors May Help Kids Connect With Nature
Time Spent With Grandkids Might Boost Women's Brain Power
Timing Influences Risk of Complications From Circumcision: Study
Tiniest Newborns Often Lead Normal Adult Lives, Study Finds
Tips for Being a Partner in Your Own Care
Tips to Jump-Start Your New Year's Resolutions
Tongue Piercing Helps Paralyzed People Drive Wheelchairs
Tonsillectomy May Spur Weight Gain in Kids, But Won't Cause Obesity: Study
Too Many U.S. Babies Still Delivered Early Without Medical Need
Too Many Unneeded Brain Scans for Headaches, Study Suggests
Too Much Online Health Info May Worsen Worriers' Anxiety
Too Much or Too Little Sleep Tied to Memory Problems in Older Women
Too Much Sitting After 60 May Lead to Disability, Study Says
Too Much Sitting May Raise Heart Failure Risk for Men
Too Much Sitting Tied to Higher Risk of Colon Polyps in Men
Tough to Predict Profile of Mass Shooter: Report
Traffic Smog Tied to Hospital Stays for White Kids With Asthma
Train Your Brain to Choose Fruit Salad Over French Fries
Training Videos Seem to Boost Brain Activity: Study
Traumatic Brain Injury Common Among Homeless Men
Try Talking More to Boost Your Toddler's Vocabulary
TV in Child's Bedroom Tied to Weight Gain
TV, Computer Time Tied to Heavier, Less Happy Kids: Study
Tweens Who Play Sports Less Likely to Smoke: Study
Twins Study May Give Some Insight Into Alzheimer's
Type 2 Diabetes Is Often a Family Affair
Type 2 Diabetes May Shrink the Brain, Study Suggests
U.S. Autism Estimates Rise by 30 Percent for Kids
U.S. Abortion Rate Drops to Lowest Level Since 1973: Report
U.S. Home Births Continued Steady Increase in 2012: CDC
U.S. Obesity Rate Shows Signs of Leveling Off
U.S. Panel Urges Diabetes Screening for All Pregnant Women
U.S. Preemie Birth Rate Continues to Fall: Report
U.S. Pregnancy Rates Continue to Fall
U.S. Teens More Vulnerable to Genital Herpes, Study Suggests
Ultrasound to Brain May Boost Sensory Perception
Underactive Thyroid Not Linked to Memory Problems
Underage Binge Drinkers Grab the Hard Stuff, Survey Finds
Unhealthy Cholesterol Levels Might Raise Alzheimer's Risk
Use of Low-Dose Steroid Creams During Pregnancy Won't Affect Baby: Study
Use of Tylenol in Pregnancy Tied to Higher ADHD Risk in Child
Very Early Preemies May Face Higher Risk of Future Eye Problem
Veterans With Brain Injury May Be at Risk for Dementia: Study
Vets' Brain Damage From Blasts Not Always Apparent: Study
Vets With Gulf War Syndrome Show Brain Changes, Study Finds
Video Games Might Help People With Dyslexia Learn to Read, Study Suggests
Vitamin D Levels Linked to Parkinson's Symptoms
Vitamin D May Slow Multiple Sclerosis, Study Suggests
Voice Cues Prompt Similar Brain Response in Dogs, People: Study
Wag the Dog? Pooches Pay Heed to Tails' Direction
Want to Rekindle Romance? Try Double Dating
Want to Stay Slim? Leave the Car at Home
Web-Based Program May Help Beginner Drivers
What Happens When a Child With Autism Refuses Most Foods?
What Makes an Aggressive Dog, and How You Can Spot One
When a Parent Dies, What Helps a Child Cope?
When It Comes to a Growing Child, the Brain Comes First
When Jazz Musicians Improvise, So Do Their Brains
When Moms Get Active, Kids Follow
When Parents Need Care, Daughters Carry the Burden: Study
When School's Out, Weight Can Pile On
When Smartphone Is Near, Parenting May Falter
When Teachers Are Depressed, Preschoolers May 'Act Out' More
When Your Child Asks for Contact Lenses
When, Where Did Dogs Become Man's Best Friend?
White Women More Likely to Seek Fertility Treatment: Report
Whites More Likely to Undergo Weight-Loss Surgery: Study
Whooping Cough Vaccination During Pregnancy Seems Safe: Study
Who's a Hunk Depends on Time of the Month
Why Ballet Dancers Can Spin Without Getting Dizzy
Why It's Hard to Kick the Smoking Habit
Why Johnny Can't Sleep
Why Parents Mix Up Their Kids' Names
Wider Face May Give You an Edge in Negotiations
Will Music Make Your Child Smarter?
Will You Be Obese? Look at Your Sisters, Brothers
Women in Labor May Be Fine Taking in Nourishment, Study Finds
Women in Military Drink Less Than Civilians, Report Shows
Women Viewed as Equal To or Better Than Men as Leaders
Women With Asthma May Take Longer to Get Pregnant: Study
Working Moms Spend More Time Parenting Than Dads: Study
Workplace Solvents Linked to Long-Term Memory, Thinking Problems
Yes, You Can Catch a Bad Mood on Facebook
Young Athletes' Concussions Often Unreported: Report
Young Binge Drinkers May Not Need Special Counseling From Family Docs
Young Blood Boosts Brains of Old Mice
Young Readers, Tomorrow's Leaders?
Younger Siblings of Kids With Autism May Show Early Signs of Problems
Youngest Child Often Not as Small as Mother Thinks
Your Brain Structure May Influence Pain Tolerance
Your Income Might Influence Your Risk for Certain Cancers
Your Kids May Not Be Ignoring You on Purpose
Your Mentally Stimulating Job May Help Keep You Sharp in Retirement
Your Sense of Smell May Be Keener Than Thought
Zest for Life Can Be a Moving Experience