Thursday, July 02, 2009 - Beads Become Badge of Honor at Diabetes Camp

Coral Springs, FL - More than 40 youngsters at Camp KoralKids are now wearing bead necklaces as part of the I Can Do More program adopted by Coral Springs Medical Center’s(CSMC) day camp for children with diabetes. The program allows campers to collect beads throughout the two-week camp to form a necklace that documents and honors their new skills in managing their complicated disease.


“The necklace becomes a priceless keepsake that is viewed as a ‘medal of honor and courage’ for campers who go through the daily challenge of learning about their diabetes,” said Janice Zack, child life specialist at CSMC’s Camp KoralKids. “There is simply no easy way to describe how these children’s faces beam with pride when receiving a bead for their necklace. This encourages them to complete the camp with some real big accomplishments.”


Campers earn their beads to commemorate their milestones for such things as learning how to prick their fingers to test their blood sugars, administering their own insulin shots, changing their own pump site, engaging in fitness, learning nutritional education or demonstrating something new to others.


The beads are distributed at the end of each day at a simulated campfire where all the campers gather for the day’s closure. Each child is acknowledged for their own achievement based on their own initiative.  “If one bead entices others to do the same, it just snowballs to multiple accomplishments for everyone.”


Though many children’s hospitals have established similar beads programs nationwide, CSMC’s Camp KoralKids adapted this program from Novo Nordisk’s I Can Do More Program, a healthcare company focused on diabetes care. The program helped the camp establish this successful educational tool three years ago to encourage kids to take a larger role in their diabetes care.


Now in its 15th year, Camp KoralKids is run by CSMC through donated funds. Kids age 5 to 11 enjoy a full range of activities and day trips plus insulin management, glucose monitoring and nutritional guidance under the direction of medical professionals.  For more information on Camp KoralKids, call CSMC’s Community Education Center, 954-344-3344. 


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