Friday, June 11, 2010 - The MOPED Financial Program at Broward General Medical Center and Chris Evert Children's Hospital a Tremendous Success For Uninsured Patients

Ft. Lauderdale - The Medicaid Out-Patient Eligibility Department (MOPED) was created in May of 2009 at Broward General Medical Center (BGMC)to address the needs of the increasing number of medically underserved patients who are  uninsured or underinsured. The goal is to improve access to medical care for those living within Broward Health service area, and is achieved by enrolling those that qualify into Medicaid and other financial assistance programs. “Due to the current economic climate many people are becoming uninsured, so our response to that was MOPED,” said Mark Doyle, CFO and MOPED founder. 

In order to attract patients who would otherwise be dissuaded from seeking out medical insurance, MOPED works to make the process as seamless and as comfortable for patients as possible.  Individuals seeking information about the program have the option to call, visit the MOPED website or visit the office conveniently located in the BGMC lobby.  Trained employees speak  English, Spanish, French, and Creole.  Once the patient is informed of the documents necessary to proceed, MOPED staff invites the patient to make an appointment with one of their Medicaid Eligibility Specialists to counsel them through the application process.  “The MOPED program took away my anxiety about finances and I felt I could focus on my health,” said Jamie Crist, one of MOPED’s many clients.

Some of the highlights in its first year include:

·The MOPED office had over 19,000 patient visits since May of 2009.
·Improved Medicaid gross revenues by $19 million dollars over prior year.
·The MOPED office completed over 1,600 Medicaid applications and registrations and 5,200 tax assistance/charity care applications. 
·Developed a MOPED website that has generated over 4,600 hits since it went live.

Future Plans for MOPED

This year Doyle is hopeful that MOPED will be rolled out to other Broward Health facilities and locations, making their services more readily available to more uninsured/underserved people, potentially qualifying thousands of more patients with financial aid.  MOPED’s partnerships include the Department of Children and Families (DCF), the Hispanic Unity of Florida, and plans to partner with a number of other community outreach programs that support women and children, as well as other health services. These partnerships would surely increase MOPED’s exposure within Broward County.

MOPED speaks to portions of the 2010 proposed healthcare reform bills, Medicaid and the Innovative Center (IC).  In 2014 all State Medicaid programs will be required to cover individuals up to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level.  By 2011 the IC will test innovative payment and service delivery models that improve quality and reduce program expenditures.  MOPED program clients fall into the income limits requiring coverage.  MOPED is perfectly suited to assist in the transition to the new legislation.

MOPED has had tremendous success during its first year and is receiving support from the community, BGMC faculty and staff and MOPED's own clients.  Their number of clients continue to soar beyond expectations and is having great success in reducing compensated volume at BGMC.  Its planned expansion and partnerships will help bring MOPED to Broward Health's other facilities to ensure an easy, accessible way for uninsured people to qualify for health insurance.

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