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Memory Enhancement Program

Memory Enhancement Program

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How Much Do You Know About Memory?

To keep your memory sharp, it's helpful to understand factors that affect memory for better or for worse.

1. Spending most of your time doing one type of activity doesn't stimulate your brain.
2. To keep your memory healthy, do routine mental tasks yourself.
3. Tension and stress can cause memory lapses.
4. Diabetes, hypothyroidism, depression, and high blood pressure can cause memory problems.
5. Diet doesn't affect your brain and memory power.
6. Hearing and seeing properly can improve your memory.
7. Your medications may cause memory problems.
8. Alcohol consumption doesn't affect memory.
9. Using memory aids such as a pocket notebook, watch alarm, or voice recorder to remind you of coming events or things to do can help jog your memory.
10. Exercising regularly and staying fit can boost your memory.
11. A memory problem is deemed serious if it affects your day-to-day activities.

Teaching Practical Techniques for Enhancing Memory Ability

The Memory Enhancement Program provides an innovative educational program for people who want to improve their memory. Broward Health North’s Memory Disorder Center is proud to present this course which was designed to help participants:

  • Acquire general strategies to improve memory
  • Remember names and faces
  • Develop techniques to recall numbers
  • Learn about factors that affect memory

Who Should Attend

Memory Enhancement is designed for people with age-related memory concerns who wish to improve or maintain their memory ability. The course is not intended for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

How to Arrange a Session

Classes are offered through local organizations such as senior centers, churches, temples, and museums. Organizations are charged a normal fee.

Course Information

Memory Enhancement presents effective memory enhancing techniques to individuals and organizations.

  • Fee: $65 includes the Memory Bible Book. Registration and payment must be made in advance.
  • Classes meet for five consecutive weeks, two hours each week.
  • Certified trainers teach the curriculum to small groups of participants.
  • The course combines trainer presentations with group discussions, memory checks, and skill-building exercise.
  • The interactive classroom environment promotes both education and enjoyment.

Evening classes are available upon request. Please contact the Memory Disorder Center at 954-786-7392 for further information.

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