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We've been perfecting our trauma system for more than 15 years, in partnership with the State of Florida Department of Health, the Broward County Trauma Management Agency, Fire Rescue/EMS agencies and the Medical Examiner.

National studies demonstrate that trauma care is optimized by providing few high-volume centers, rather than multiple low-volume centers. Treating over 2,200 patients annually ensures our patients that we have the skills and experience necessary to save lives on a moments notice.

Once the call is made to 9-1-1, the life-sustaining connection has been established. Emergency Medical Services respond to the injured patient’s side with skilled paramedics who deliver the first critical minutes of care at the scene and on the way to the hospital. The paramedics “triage” the patient to the closest appropriate facility in the area. In Broward County, trauma service/catchment areas were established by the Broward County Trauma Management Agency to ensure all injured patients are transported to the appropriate Trauma Centers in the shortest period of time.

By rescue vehicles or by helicopter, trauma patients are brought to us from our catchment area which extends North from Griffin Road to south of Cypress Creek and the east, Atlantic Ocean to the west, Collier County line for Adult patients. In addition our Pediatric catchment area extends north to the Palm Beach County Line.

But, no matter where trauma victims live – or where their injuries occur – they have immediate access to exceptional medical care at Broward Health Medical Center. We are also a major center for referrals and inter-hospital trauma-related transfers both to local hospitals as well as internationally.

Click here for more information about the Emergency Department at Broward Health Medical Center.

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