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Trauma Services

Trauma Services

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Take the First Aid/Emergency Quiz

Test your knowledge of first aid by taking this quiz.

1. If you need to call 911 in an emergency, what should you tell the dispatcher?
2. Which medical professional(s) are you likely to find in a hospital emergency department?
3. One way to prepare for an emergency is to keep a list of important phone numbers near your phone. Which of these numbers should be included on the list?
4. In which situation(s) should you call an ambulance instead of driving to the hospital emergency department?
5. As a nonmedical person, how often should you take a refresher course on CPR?
6. Which of these should your home first aid kit include?
7. If blood is spurting from a wound, what should you do?
8. The victim has pale or bluish skin color, cold skin, and dull or sunken eyes. These are symptoms of which medical emergency?
9. What should you put on a minor (first-degree) burn?

An Experienced Team of Trauma Professionals

One of the most frightening and stressful situations any person can go through is being hospitalized or having a loved one hospitalized after a motor vehicle crash, fall or other major trauma.

No matter how it happens, you would want an experienced trauma team of medical professionals, who have seen it all. That's what you will find at the Trauma Center at Broward Health North.

Trauma is a surgical specialty that is vastly different from routine emergency care. Every emergency department is NOT a trauma center. A trauma center treats those suffering from an injury so severe that if not attended to within the first 60 minutes could cause death. Trauma remains the first leading cause of death for persons younger than 44.

Broward Health North is a designated Adult Level II Trauma Center established in 1992 and serves the northern third of Broward County. Broward Health North is a member of the Broward County Trauma Management Agency and an institutional member of the American Trauma Society.

Broward Health North has highly trained Trauma Surgeons in house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An operating room suite dedicated for trauma patients is also available 24 hours a day. We have a full compliment of surgical and medical specialists readily available.

To receive the designation of "Trauma Center", a hospital has to meet strict standards established by the Florida Department of Health, based on guidelines from the American College of Surgeons. Currently, there are 22 state-approved trauma centers strategically located throughout Florida.

Trauma Center Medical and Administrative Staff

Medical Staff
Judith Johnson MD, FACS, Trauma Medical Director
Richard Schultz MD
Mufaddal Ghadiali MD, Trauma Surgeon
Jon Johnson MD, Trauma Surgeon
David Margolis MD, Trauma Surgeon

Administrative Staff
Kelly Pallazza RN, MSN, Trauma Program Manager
Deserene Curry RN, Trauma Quality Management Specialist
Monifa Murray CPC, Trauma Registrar/Coder

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Find out more about the Clinical Services and Patient Care Services available at our Trauma Center.

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