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How Much Do You Know About Hazardous Materials in Your Home?

Bleach, ant killer, and gasoline are poisons commonly found in the home. But plenty of other toxic or hazardous chemicals fill our shelves and cupboards, and some of them may surprise you. Hairspray, for instance, is highly flammable. Learn more about these chemicals by taking this quiz.

1. Which of these are household poisons?
2. The best way to handle a household cleaner is to:
3. Hazardous cleaners are those that:
4. Which label wording is the safest when looking to buy a household product?
5. If you only need a hazardous chemical like a lawn pesticide every now and then, how much of it should you buy?
6. Which of these is the best way to store hazardous chemicals in the home?
7. What's an indication that you should stop using a chemical?
8. What's the best way to dispose of hazardous chemicals used at home?

Our Level II Adult Trauma Center provides multidisciplinary care of the highest quality in Broward County, lead by surgeons specialized in trauma and critical care. Our well-coordinated efforts with the county’s Emergency Medical System allow us to initiate life saving treatment in the "golden hour" that ultimately translates to improved outcomes.

We have state of the art technology available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. This includes a 128-slice CT scanner, portable x-ray and ultrasound with access to PACS, portable ventilators, central monitoring and a helipad that delivers patients strategically close to the trauma resuscitation rooms.

For patients needing immediate life saving operative procedures a designated fully equipped operating room is ready 24/7 as part of out integrated trauma system. Critical Care patients are cared for by one of our Trauma Critical Care units (MICU or SICU). Other injured patients are admitted to one of our other trauma units such as NeuroStepdown, NeuroTelemetry or 3NE Orthopedic Trauma.

In addition to an in-house trauma surgeon available 24 hours a day, other specialty services are readily available when called upon. They include: Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Plastic Surgery, Urology, Ophthalmology, Pulmonary Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Nephrology.

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