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Spine Care Center

Spine Care Center

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A Safer Way to Get Out of Bed

Something as simple as getting out of bed properly can help to ease strain on your back and prevent injury. Follow these steps to protect your back when you get out of bed:

  • Move yourself close to the edge of the bed while still lying on your back.

  • Bend your knees upward and flatten your feet on the bed.

  • Roll onto your side closest to the edge of the bed, keeping your knees together. Keep your shoulders in line with your hips — don't twist your spine as you roll.

  • Once you're on your side, use both hands to push yourself up into a sitting position. Let the weight of your legs swinging to the floor help you move.

  • When you're sitting up, take a moment to rest and take deep breaths, if needed, particularly if you're feeling lightheaded.

  • When you're ready to stand up, lean forward. Use your legs and arms to push yourself up to a standing position. Tighten your stomach muscles to help keep your back straight.

  • Once you're standing, straighten both of your legs at the same time. 

Excellence in Spine Surgery

There may come a time when back or neck pain reduces the quality of your life. Everyday activities such as walking, shopping, or housework can become difficult or unbearable as conservative measures like diet, exercise, physical therapy and medications no longer provide relief or alleviate your pain. If this is you, it may be time to consider spine surgery.

Broward Health North offers several specialized procedures, including anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, lumbar fusion, lumbar laminectomy and lumbar microdiscectomy, as part of a comprehensive program featuring an interdisciplinary team approach and pre-operative and post-operative patient education.

The Spine Care Center features a team of expert surgeons, nurses, therapists, pain management specialists, and technicians specially trained to provide comprehensive clinical care for patients undergoing back and neck surgery.

Dedicated Place, Dedicated People

Our team of experts, including surgeons, nurses, therapists, pain management specialists, and technicians, work closely with you in a structured recovery program, including pre-operative and post-operative patient and family education, a patient guidebook outlining what to expect each step of the way and daily newsletters while in the hospital. Family members, referred to as “coaches,” are encouraged to participate with the recovery process, learning about special exercises, medications and follow-up care.

Superior Education
We believe the key to better outcomes is a commitment to superior education for you and your family. Our comprehensive approach includes:
  • Engaging Community outreach seminars
  • An informative pre-op orientation for patients and family
  • A Patient Guidebook
  • Daily newsletters while in the hospital
  • Educational wall displays answering the most frequently asked questions

Our Commitment to Excellence

We know you have a choice of where to go for your procedure. Our goal is to ensure that your stay with us is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We are continuously evaluating and measuring our performance to ensure we provide the highest quality program possible, tailored to each and every patient. Our team meets regularly with a focus on maintaining clinical and service excellence in all aspects of your spine surgery experience.

Broward Health North offers continued specialized care through our Outpatient Rehabilitation Department should you need it. Please speak with your physician to obtain a prescription.

If you have questions about the Spine Care Center, please call 954-786-6637. 

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