Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement

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Fly Through Airport Security with Your New Joint

After you've recovered from joint replacement surgery, you might be ready for a relaxing vacation. But certain types of joint implants can set off airport security alarms. It's best to expect security screening to detect implants. Here's what you need to know to make your trip through security a smooth one.

Advise security officers of your implant. Tell the security officers about your joint replacement when you approach the security area. Let them know where your implant is located. The security officer will offer you a private screening that could include screening with a hand-held wand and a pat-down inspection. You will not need to show your surgical scar or remove any clothing, but feel free to ask to be screened in a private area.

Carry a joint replacement ID. Although few people are asked for proof of their surgery, your orthopedic surgeon can provide a card that confirms you have an artificial joint. These cards identify the holder of the card as having a joint replacement. They also state that the implant may activate metal-detection devices. Keep your joint replacement card with you when you travel in case you need to present proof of your implant.

If you have any questions or concerns about airport security screening, call the Transportation Security Administration at 866-289-9673 or visit the website.

At the Joint Replacement Center at Broward Health Medical Center, we get your joints jumpin'.

The Joint Replacement Center at Broward Health Medical Center is committed to providing the highest quality care to patients undergoing hip or knee replacement surgery. Using the latest advances in joint replacement surgery and family-centered patient education and therapy, we are dedicated to improving our patients' recovery and quality of life.

Our customer-focused program offers:

State-of-the-art surgical techniques - The orthopedic surgeons at Broward Health Medical Center are dedicated to providing you with the latest options in joint replacement surgery so you can get back to activities you used to participate in or discover new ones you never thought possible. Surgeries included in the Joint Replacement Center are hip and knee replacements, revision (re-operation) of hip and knee replacements, hip resurfacing and unicompartmental partial knee replacement.

One surgical technique available at the Joint Replacement Center is the anterior approach to hip replacement surgery, which allows the surgeon to reach the hip joint from the front of the hip as opposed to the side or back approach. With the anterior approach, the hip can be replaced without detachment of the muscle, leading to a faster recovery for the patient. Patients receiving the anterior hip replacement experience no muscle cutting, a smaller incision and less post-operative restrictions.

Another technology available at the Joint Replacement Center is computer navigation- using an image-guided system during surgery that provides detailed visual information, improving the accuracy of the bone cut and alignment of bone during surgery.

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"Hospital within a Hospital" environment - Located on the fifth floor of the Atrium Building at Broward Health Medical Center, the Joint Replacement Center provides all private patient rooms and a group therapy/activity area where care is provided in a motivational, fun environment. Patients participate in group physical therapy and group lunches to encourage health and wellness. It's a "Hospital within a Hospital," teamed with a special multidisciplinary staff working together to promote patients' speedy recovery.

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Specialty trained multidisciplinary staff - The experienced team at the Joint Replacement Center includes highly trained orthopedic surgeons, medical director, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, RNs and patient care technicians, a clinical nurse specialist, physical therapists/aides, orthopedic technicians, nutritionists, surgical and perioperative team members, case managers and a program coordinator.

The staff works with patients in a structured recovery program, including pre-operative and post-operative patient education, with an emphasis on pain control. There is also individual physical therapy, with the inclusion of "coaches" in the patients' daily routines. The program promotes the involvement of "coaches" who can be anyone from family members, friends to volunteers.

The objectives of our staff are to: educate patients so they know what is "expected," and what needs to be done related to their pre-op, inpatient stay, and post-op care to ensure optimal recovery; provide pain management post-operatively, through state-of-the-art anesthesia pain management techniques; return the patient to a state of independence and quality of life sooner than with traditional programs; and, implement a process improvement team to monitor outcomes to assure the highest level of patient care.

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Surgery for retired professional football players - Broward Health Medical Center is one of the 12 leading medical centers across the country, and the only one in Florida, to provide joint replacement surgery for retired professional football players. The joint replacement program is an initiative developed by an Alliance represented by the NFL, the NFL Player Care Association and NFL Alumni Association. The Alliance is looking for new ways to address medical needs of retired players, including joint replacements. Learn more

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Free One-Week Membership to the Wellness Center - To get those joints moving again, a one-week free membership to the Wellness Center at Broward Health Medical Center is offered to patients once the surgeon gives the "ok."

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About Joint Replacement

Many individuals have joint pain that hampers everyday activities, either because of arthritis, a fracture or other conditions. If medications and use of aids such as a cane are not helpful, patients, after consultation with their doctor, may find relief from their pain with joint replacement surgery. The goal of the joint replacement surgery is to relieve joint pain caused by damage to the cartilage or bone.