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Comfort. Privacy. Peace of Mind. Flexibility.

At the Maternity Place at Broward Health Medical Center, we have it all. The Maternity Place provides comprehensive and highly specialized obstetric and pediatric care.

We supply comfortable, homelike birthing accommodations that allow you to include your family in the first hours of your baby's life. We offer you peace of mind by providing quality care for all mothers including those who are high-risk.

Our family-centered program offers:

Our comprehensive services include:

The Lactation Center - Founded to provide support to you and your newborn as you begin the process of breastfeeding, the Lactation Center is also here to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise during this exciting time. [more...]

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Labor and Delivery - Offers flexibility in choosing how you want the birth of your baby to unfold and will help in fulfilling your wishes regarding pain relief, use of a midwife and other considerations.

Labor/Delivery/Recovery Suites - Each of our birthing suites are attractively furnished and are equipped with the latest technology, including central fetal monitoring and specialized birthing beds.

C-Section Surgical Suites - If surgery is needed, our state-of-the-art C-section surgical suites are located within the obstetrics units. That means no delays when time is important. Your husband or birthing coach is welcome within the surgical suite to provide the support you need.

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24-hour In-House Specialists - Leaving nothing to chance, we are staffed with an anesthesiologist, neonatologist, obstetrician and certified nurse midwife. That means you can get the support you need quickly without waiting for an on-call specialist to arrive on site.

24-hour Neonatal Unit - You'll feel confident knowing the Chris Evert Children's Hospital has both a Level III and Level II Neonatal Unit. The unit is staffed on a 24-hour basis by neonatologists and highly skilled nurses who can provide expert care for any baby needing special attention. Find out more about the NICU at Chris Evert Children's Hospital.

Eye Screening Program - Babies visiting our neonatal intensive care center are screened by a board-certified pediatric ophthalmologist during their stay. Our goal is early detection of eye problems to increase the potential for early correction and decrease rapid loss of vision.

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Maternity Unit/Nursery - After your delivery and recovery, you can choose between an attractive semi-private room or upgrade to one of our private, deluxe Rose Suites. Enjoy your newborn in our private rooms that provide you with a homelike setting. Our family-centered approach to care gives you the opportunity to share your baby's first hours with other members of the family and allows you to choose whether to have your baby "room" with you or have him or her receive periodic care in our nursery.

Tea Time - Rose Suite patients can enjoy afternoon tea, including confections and truffles for a modest charge. It's a great way to pamper yourself after the birth.

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Family-Centered Visitation - Siblings and grandparents are able to visit the newborn in the room between noon and 9 p.m. We ask that you please limit visitors to no more than two at a time.

Newborn Channel - Information on caring for yourself or your baby post-partum is available with the push of a button through our dedicated Newborn Channel. Programming includes instruction on breastfeeding, bathing an infant, soothing a crying baby and much more.

Infant Hearing Screening - All babies at the Maternity Place get off to the right start with our universal hearing screening.

For more information about the Maternity Place or to have a brochure mailed to you, please call Broward Health Line at 954-759-7400.

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