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What Do You Know About Birth Defects?

Test your knowledge of birth defects and what you can do to minimize the risk.

1. Annually, what percentage of U.S. infants are born with birth defects?
2. When is an unborn baby most at risk of developing abnormalities?
3. Which of these is one of the most common birth defects?
4. Which of these habits of the mother-to-be can be harmful to the fetus?
5. A woman who is pregnant or considering pregnancy should get a medical checkup. Which of these immunizations should be current before she conceives because of the danger of the disease to the fetus?
6. Doctors advise women to take 400 mcg of folic acid daily before conception and during pregnancy. What can this help prevent in the baby?
7. Pregnant women should avoid handling cat litter to decrease the risk of becoming infected with which of these?
8. Which of these kinds of medications can cause birth defects if taken when pregnant?
9. During prenatal care, a physician may recommend genetic screening tests for certain disorders. What is one thing that amniocentesis tests for?
10. Extra or missing chromosomes trigger genetic birth defects. What factor greatly increases the risk of an abnormal number of chromosomes in the fetus?

All groups are located at the Broward Health North. Click here for directions.

Alzheimer's Support Groups

Spouses and children of those with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementia
Tuesdays 10:30am - 12 noon
Neuro Resource Center

Adult children of those with Alzheimer’s Disease of related dementia
Second and fourth Tuesday of the month
6pm - 8pm
Neuro Resource Center

For more information call 954-786-7392.

Diabetes Support Groups/Lectures

Support Group – First Wednesday of every month, 2 pm to 3 pm

Stroke Support Group - for stroke survivors and/or their caregivers

For more information call 954-786-7333
Second Thursday of the month
1pm - 2:30pm: Support Group/Rehabilitation Exercises
Neuro Resource Center

Parkinson's Support Group

For more information call 954-786-7316
Second Tuesday of the month
1pm - 3pm
Neuro Resource Center

Brain Injury Support Group

Third Tuesday of the month
7pm - 9pm
Broward Health North Conference Center

Cancer Support Groups

Look Good...Feel Better: Cosmetics and Wigs
Last Monday of every month
10am - 12 noon
Please RSVP to Linda Watson, 954-786-5127 – Participants MUST register for this support group

Spanish Speaking Women's Cancer Group
First Monday of every month, Neuro Resource Center - off main lobby
RSVP to Patty Gonzalez, 754-366-6219