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What Do You Really Know About Diabetes?

Nearly 26 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes and more than 7 million more have diabetes but don't realize it, according to the CDC. Yet diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Test your knowledge of this chronic disease by taking this multiple-choice quiz.

1. What percentage of all people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes?
2. If your diabetes isn't under control, it can damage which of these organs?
3. What does insulin do?
4. Which is the greatest risk factor for type 2 diabetes?
5. Which of these groups is at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes?
6. Gestational diabetes happens only during pregnancy. Why?
7. How does gestational diabetes affect the baby?
8. How does exercise help people with diabetes?

Pediatric Emergency Department - Whether it’s a fall from the monkey bars or a blazing fever in the middle of the night, emergency medicine is available at Broward Health Coral Springs, 24 hours a day for the whole gamut of childhood illnesses and injuries.

Nurse with boy in playroomInpatient Pediatrics

Pediatric Sub-specialties: A broad range of pediatric sub-specialists are available to meet every need from an outpatient tonsillectomy to a complicated orthopedic surgery.

Developmental Classes & Kids Fit Programs - Super Siblings, childbirth classes, breastfeeding and more!

Pediatric Drowning Prevention - Drowning is the leading cause of death in children under five years of age in Florida. Broward Health Coral Springs is a great resource in educating families about drowning prevention.

Pediatric Surgery - equipped to handle a broad range of surgical procedures, from an outpatient tonsillectomy to a complicated orthopedic surgery.

Camp Coral Kids - Be a part of our summer excitement. It's not for everyone...only for diabetic kids ages 5 ½ -11 years. Camp Coral Kids offers a fun environment where kids can learn more about diabetes, interact with other diabetic kids and just be a kid!