Orthopedic Care / Joint Replacement Center

Orthopedic Care / Joint Replacement Center

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Fly Through Airport Security with Your New Joint

After you've recovered from joint replacement surgery, you might be ready for a relaxing vacation. But certain types of joint implants can set off airport security alarms. It's best to expect security screening to detect implants. Here's what you need to know to make your trip through security a smooth one.

Advise security officers of your implant. Tell the security officers about your joint replacement when you approach the security area. Let them know where your implant is located. The security officer will offer you a private screening that could include screening with a hand-held wand and a pat-down inspection. You will not need to show your surgical scar or remove any clothing, but feel free to ask to be screened in a private area.

Carry a joint replacement ID. Although few people are asked for proof of their surgery, your orthopedic surgeon can provide a card that confirms you have an artificial joint. These cards identify the holder of the card as having a joint replacement. They also state that the implant may activate metal-detection devices. Keep your joint replacement card with you when you travel in case you need to present proof of your implant.

If you have any questions or concerns about airport security screening, call the Transportation Security Administration at 866-289-9673 or visit the website.

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Excellence in Orthopedic Care... Close to Home

The Broward Health Coral Springs Joint Replacement Center offers quality comprehensive orthopedic care including subspecialties in:

  • sports
  • spine
  • hand
  • pediatrics
  • total joint replacement
    (including new mini-incision hip replacement surgery and gender-specific knee replacement for women)
  • reconstructive procedures

Our focus is upon helping individuals regain mobility and return to active, independent lives. A multidisciplinary approach and teamwork by outstanding specialists ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Broward Health Coral Springs also offers computer assisted surgery for total knee replacements.  This system allows surgeons to align implants with greater precision, an important factor in reducing joint wear and extending the life of implants.  Studies show that patients undergoing joint replacement surgery utilizing this navigation technology may benefit from possible shorter hospital stays, fewer post-operative complications, improved joint stability and better range of motion.

The exceptional physicians in our program include:

Philip Aberbuch, MD
Richard Berkowitz, MD
David Blum, MD
John Bodden, MD
Aileen M. Danko, MD
Howard Gelb, MD
Harris Gellman, MD
Arthur Germain, MD
Steven Greenberg, MD
Barney Horvath, MD
Keith Kurland, MD
Khosrow Maleki, MD
Peter Merkle, MD
Mitchell Pollak, MD
Manual Porth, MD
Peter Romano, MD
Glenn Sharfin, MD
Steven Silberfarb, MD

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