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Optima* MR450w 1.5T

Broward Health Coral Springs now offers the latest in CT imaging designed with the most sophisticated tools for evaluating patients—the Optima* MR450w 1.5T with GEM Suite coil technology. This advanced system not only maximizes comfort for patients undergoing MR exams but also has uncompromised image capability. This advanced functionality gives physicians the tools to help make more definitive diagnoses.

Additional benefits include:

  • A 70-cm wide bore to add patient space for comfort
  • A table surface with different cushion densities designed to alleviate pressure points
  • Feet-first imaging for all exam types

64-slice CT scanner

This 64-slice CT scanner is a tool so precise it provides unprecedented diagnostic capability. Doctors can view the body with a level of detail that could never be seen with standard X-rays and scans. This ability enables physicians to diagnose diseases earlier and more precisely leading to better and more successful outcomes for you.

The 64-slice CT scan provides advanced ability to:

  • Diagnose cardiovascular and other diseases
  • Detect strokes, head injuries, herniated discs
  • Locate fractures
  • Monitor changes in various organs
  • ...and much more

"With this scanner, we are able to perform a test in a fraction of the time, as compared to previous scanners and imaging tests,” said radiologist Dr. Richard Spira.

Spira explained that the scanner will not only make it easier to detect disease earlier, but provide valuable information that can direct therapeutic interventions, such as angioplasty and biopsy. It will be used to image the entire spectrum of hospital patients quickly and efficiently, with typical imaging times on the order of 20-40 seconds. Since this scanner can produce slices less than one millimeter thick, the images are stunningly clear. The 64-slice scanner enables radiologists to create 2-D, 3-D and 4-D renderings, which are reconstructed images of the scanned area. Radiologists can highlight arteries and other structures of interest and remove overlying anatomic structures to focus on specific abnormalities.

Contact your physician to find out if a 64-slice CT scan is right for you or to schedule an appointment, call 954-759-7500.

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