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Keeping Athletes In The Game

Teen girls playing soccerBroward Health's Sports Medicine Program at Broward Health Coral Springs is working hard to keep athletes of all ages in the game. We treat all types of sports injuries, from weekend warrior to professional athlete. This is accomplished through a team of specialized physicians, orthopedic surgeons, and athletic trainers, who have had special training in sports medicine. In addition to general orthopedic specialists, the sports medicine center also has orthopedic physicians who specialize in the hand and spine for high quality care.

Some of the unique services the center offers include:

- Evaluation of sports related injuries with treatment ranging from rehabilitation to surgical reconstruction.

- Treatment of overuse conditions such as muscle strain, tendonitis, shin splints, and tennis elbow.

- Evaluation and management of adolescent sports injuries.

- Advanced imaging services, including MRI and CT interpreted by radiologists with extensive experience in musculoskeletal injuries.

- Certified athletic trainers at 20 high schools in Broward County public schools, and three private high schools.

The Sports Medicine Program provides a wide range of community outreach services, from free pre-participation physicals for high school athletes to coverage by certified athletic trainers at community events to protect and treat athletes of all ages.

As exclusive provider of sports medicine for the School Board of Broward County, Broward Health’s Sports Medicine Program conducted more than 1,200 high school physicals last year.

For all your sport medicine needs, call 954-344-3180.