Digital Mammography & Breast MRI Screening

Digital Mammography & Breast MRI Screening

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What Do You Know About Mammograms?

Test your knowledge of what steps to take to catch breast cancer in the early stages.

1. To get a quality mammogram, make sure the facility has which of these?
2. Which of these should you bring with you if you start going somewhere else for mammograms?
3. If you are at average risk for breast cancer, at what age should you have a baseline mammogram?
4. Which of these shouldn't you use on the day you go for a mammogram?
5. Mammograms most often detect breast cancer in which age group?
6. What kind of diagnostic test is done if a screening mammogram shows an area that needs closer examination?
7. Digital mammography is computer-based. How does it compare to a standard X-ray mammogram?

Meeting the Health Needs of Today's Women with Today's Technology

The Women's Diagnostic & Wellness Center is proud to introduce its new state-of-the-art digital mammography system in the fight against breast cancer.

Patients now have access to the latest technology in mammography screenings, a full-field digital mammography system that provides digital screening, diagnosis, and stereotactic biopsy capabilities. This new technology enables radiologists to detect and characterize suspicious or obscure lesions more precisely. Additionally, enhanced visibility to view masses is made possible with high contrast resolution.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc, breast cancer incidence in women has increased from one in 20 in 1960 to one in eight today. If detected early, the five-year survival rate for this disease exceeds 95%.

Digital Mammography

Elderly woman receiving mammogram

Radiologist reviewing results

Digital mammography enables radiologists to detect and characterize suspicious or obscure lesions more precisely. Enhanced visibility to view masses is made possible with contrast resolution. The compression and positioning of the breast are the same as a conventional film mammography but with less waiting time if done digitally.

What are the benefits of digital mammography?

  • Up to 40% less radiation dose over standard film mammography
  • Results are seen more quickly
  • Fewer callbacks or retakes
  • More precise image quality for more accurate diagnosis

Give yourself the best technology when you schedule your annual mammogram!

Breast MRI Screening

For high risk patients, breast MRI can detect minuscule breast cancers that mammography or breast exams might miss. Breast MRI is a breast-imaging technique that captures multiple cross-sectional pictures of the breast and combines them to create detailed, 2-D and 3-D pictures. It is performed when doctors need more information than what a mammogram, ultrasound or clinical breast exam can provide. It works regardless of breast size, density, patient age, presence of implants and/or prior surgery.

Other benefits include:

  • Detects 2-8% more cancers than physical exams or mammography
  • Almost 100% sensitive for breast cancers down to 3 mm
  • Allows for earlier diagnosis with more favorable tumor stage

Elderly woman receiving ultrasoundOther services provided at the Women's Diagnostic and Wellness Center include:

  • Ultrasound & Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
    A method used to evaluate lumps without surgery
  • Bone Densitometry Test - Osteoporosis Detection
    A non-invasive scan of your bones to help determine any bone loss

For a physician referral, or to schedule an appointment for your mammogram, please contact the Broward Health Line at 954-759-7500.

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