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Broward Health Complete: Helping patients successfully transition from hospital to home.

Now you don't have to make another stop on the way home. Let us deliver your medications and self-care products to you while you're here in our hospital. See a Transitions Specialist today!

Your prescription for a strong recovery

Broward Health Complete offers quality products, patient-centered services, and one-on-one guidance to meet individual needs and improve patient lives.

After a stay in the hospital, whether long or short, there are often many instructions to guide your care and recovery once you get home. If prescription medications or other healthcare supplies are a part of your discharge plan, Broward Health Complete can deliver them to your room so you don’t have to make an additional stop at an outside pharmacy.

A friendly guide

Broward Health Complete helps coordinate your care and simplify your transition to home so you can focus on a strong recovery.

Your Transition Specialist is a licensed pharmacy technician who collaborates with your physician, nurses, and case managers to assess your discharge needs.

  • Discuss care and recovery needs, and medication instructions
  • Order and arrange for delivery of medications and/or home medical equipment to your hospital room
  • Discuss the variety of services available through Broward Health Complete

...ALL before leaving the hospital.

If your discharge needs include medications or healthcare supplies, we can deliver those items to your room.

On-site pharmacy

Broward Health Complete includes an outpatient pharmacy. We also stock a variety of clinician-recommended patient care and recovery products so you have everything you need before you go home, including:

  • Diabetic care supplies
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • First Aid and Wound Care supplies

Payment and insurance

The unique services of our Broward Health Complete Transition Specialist are free to patients being discharged from the hospital.

Your discharge medications and supplies are not included in your hospital bill. Co-pays or payments are processed in the same way and at the same cost as an outside pharmacy. Most prescription and health insurance plans are accepted.

Your Transition Specialist provides a personalized consultation to assess cost-effective solutions for your discharge medications.

More Information

For more information, talk with your Transition Specialist or call the pharmacy at:

Broward Health Medical Center: 954-468-8082
Broward Health Coral Springs: 954-346-4272
Broward Health North: 954-786-6802
Broward Health Imperial Point: 954-776-8991

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