Patient and Family Centered Care

Patient and Family Centered Care

Family with patient and doctor
At Broward Health Coral Springs, we are committed to optimizing the quality of our healthcare and services. Our philosophy, as a patient and family-centered care facility, is that we are part of the patient's family during their stay with us.

What is Patient and Family-Centered Care?

The goal of patient and family-centered care is to enhance the care of the patient by building a partnership between the patient, family, and healthcare provider. By truly forming a mutually beneficial relationship, we not only involve families in decisions regarding the patient's care, but we also gain the advantage of their insight concerning the patient. This allows us to deliver more effective treatment.

Why is Patient and Family-Centered Care needed?

Numerous studies have shown that patients want to be involved in the decisions that affect their form of treatment and therefore their wellbeing.

Because Broward Health Coral Springs provides patient and family-centered care, this form of collaborative healing helps patients understand and manage their care more efficiently by allowing them to ask questions and voice their concerns freely.

By having our medical staff team up with their patients and family members while working with them at all levels of the decision making process, patients truly receive the best possible care available.

Offering respect for the patient's values and expressed needs, Broward Health Coral Springs has created an environment where patients and their families are heard by their medical team resulting in increased satisfaction and more positive outcomes for those in our care.

For more information about our services or a free physician referral, call the Broward Health Line at 954-759-7400.

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