As a world class community healthcare organization, a key employer, and supporter of a strong business climate in Broward County, home to people of various cultures and diverse backgrounds, we are committed to embracing the needs of our diverse and culturally vibrant community.

Diversity is Who We Are and What We Do

Our commitment to our diverse community is more that an attitude, it is an action. It is conveyed in our outstanding Diversity Programs offering a variety of services to our very diverse community. Our dedicated leadership supports and assures that progress and outcomes at all levels are the foundation of our commitment to being the best at diversity.

Our Diverse Business Partners

At Broward Health, Supplier Diversity is, not just, our responsibility as a corporate citizen, but makes for good business practices. Being a proactive business process of sourcing/procuring products and services, Supplier Diversity increases competition by widening the vendor pool, which leads to better pricing, quality and innovation.  All at the same time, creating an inclusive procurement environment; sustaining and progressively transforming a corporation’s supply chain to reflect the demographics of the community is which it operates.

We contribute to the success of diverse segments of the business community through our Supplier Diversity Program. The Office of Supplier Diversity manages Broward Health's nationally recognized Supplier Diversity Program. The mission of Broward Health's Supplier Diversity Program is to provide accessibility to all diverse vendors seeking procurement opportunities. Broward Health Diverse Vendors include Small (SBEs) Minority (MBEs) and Women (WBEs) business enterprises registered and validated as certified or verified in our Vendor Registration System (VRS).

Our Supplier Diversity Program is complemented with longstanding, mutually-beneficial partnerships between local supplier diversity councils, such as the Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council and the Women's Business Development Council of Florida, and organizations in solidifying our commitment to diversity.

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Office of Supplier Diversity

Our Diverse Workforce

Broward Health celebrates its diverse workforce. It enables us to provide the appropriate quality healthcare to the communities that we serve. Our Workforce Diversity Department has been recognized as a leader in this arena. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently presented its Freedom to Compete Award to the NBHD for its efforts in Workforce Diversity. If you are interested in joining a team of dedicated professionals please visit our career page for a list of job openings.

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Workforce Diversity

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