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For Physicians

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Dear Physician Partners,

As healthcare providers, you see the harmful effects of tobacco use and secondhand smoke on your patients. At Broward Health, we know the importance of working with you to promote healthy behaviors and improve the health of our community.

To further Broward Health’s commitment to improving the health of our community, our Board of Commissioners adopted a smoke-free policy that will go into effect January 1, 2014. While smoking has been prohibited inside all owned, operated and/or leased Broward Health facilities for many years, this policy will make all Broward Health campuses completely smoke free and therefore eliminate all designated smoking areas. The policy will apply to all staff, physicians, patients, visitors, vendors, volunteers and the general public.

Implementation of the smoke-free policy will require that we all work together in a meaningful and respectful way. Let us do so and embrace this opportunity and the challenges it may bring with an understanding that we are working to create a healthier environment.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Georges Boutin, MD
SVP Chief Medical Officer
Broward Health

Frequently Asked Questions for Physicians

How is Broward Health’s policy regarding smoke changing?
The Board of Commissioners approved the policy to become a smoke-free campus effective January 1, 2014. This means that smoking will no longer be permitted anywhere on campus and any designated smoking areas will be eliminated.

Does the smoke-free policy apply to my patients?
Yes. The smoke-free policy applies to everyone on a Broward Health campus. This includes staff, physicians, patients, volunteers, vendors, visitors and guests.

What should I tell my patients who smoke?
Please make sure your patients are aware of the new policy and work with them to make them comfortable during their stay by providing information about smoking alternatives. If necessary, provide a prescription for Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

What is the protocol for inpatients who smoke?
Upon admission, pre-populated clinical protocols will be available on CPOE for your patients who smoke. Various strengths of the nicotine patch are recommended.

What resources are available to my patients?
Resources and information about becoming smoke free are available at and If your patients are employees of Broward Health, smoking cessation support and resources are offered through the Employee Assistance Program. More information for Broward Health employees may be found at

What if physicians do not comply with the policy?
Physicians wishing to smoke or use electronic cigarettes will need to leave Broward Health property. If a physician violates this policy, the matter will be taken to the Medical Council at the physician’s primary hospital.

Why are our campuses going smoke free?
By eliminating second-hand smoke on our campuses, Broward Health is emphasizing its commitment to providing a healthy environment for all.

Are other hospitals adopting smoke-free policies?
Many of our surrounding hospitals have adopted a smoke-free policy with the trend steadily increasing.

Isn't tobacco-use a personal right?
Tobacco is a legal product for adults. Broward Health is not forcing anyone to discontinue tobacco-use. Broward Health can establish policies to protect the health and wellness of all who present at our facilities. A smoke-free policy does not prohibit tobacco use; it merely establishes where its use can occur. The new policy supports the right of all people on the campus to breathe smoke-free air.

What about the use of electronic cigarettes?
Electronic cigarettes, also known as E-Cigarettes, are battery-operated products designed to deliver nicotine, flavor and other chemicals. E-Cigarettes are not permitted under the smoke-free campus policy. Read more about them here.

How will people know where they can and cannot smoke?
All Broward Health campuses will be smoke-free. Reasonable communication will be provided to all impacted persons. Signage will be posted at all building/facility entrances and parking lots. Reminders from staff and security will be provided as necessary.

Will there be designated smoking areas on campus?
No, the current designated smoking areas will be eliminated as smoking does not support our initiative and is therefore prohibited on all Broward Health campuses. Allowing for designated smoking areas undermines the new policy. The purpose of the policy is to create a health-supporting community for everyone, smokers and non-smokers alike.

Will people be able to smoke on public property adjoining our property, such as a public sidewalk?
Yes, but we ask that smokers respect our neighbors and their property.

Can I smoke in my car?
Smoking is prohibited in cars parked on all Broward Health property.

Where can I go to smoke or use tobacco products?
Providing a place to smoke does not support Broward Health’s goal to create a healthier environment. If you need to smoke, you will need to leave Broward Health property. Persons who leave the campus to smoke are encouraged to be considerate of neighbors and others in our community.

Where can I read the policy?
Click here to read the policy.