Thursday, March 08, 2012 - Nabil El Sanadi, MD, Principal Presenter at 2012 AAAAI Annual Meeting

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, Chief Medical Officer of Emergency Medicine at Broward Health, was a principal presenter at the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) annual meeting on Saturday, March 3, in Orlando, Florida.

Allergists were presented with a case scenario of a patient suffering from an acute anaphylaxis reaction. The patient/actor was made up to appear to be suffering from cyanosis, pallor, hives and respiratory distress in reaction to a high dose of allergen during immunotherapy. Allergists were asked to provide acute management and pharmaceutical intervention to prevent cardiorespiratory arrest.

“This is an invaluable experience for any practitioner who may encounter an acute allergic reaction and anaphylaxis in the office setting. Every practitioner should be prepared to manage the patient in cardiorespiratory arrest in their office until paramedics arrive,” said El Sanadi. “The critical actions were recognizing anaphylaxis, managing the patient’s airway, activating the emergency response system by calling 911, starting intravenous fluids and immediate treatment with epinephrine, among other acute interventions.”

AAAAI’s annual meeting is the premiere venue for experts to expand their knowledge and skills in allergy/immunology. The annual meeting also gives participants opportunities to network with each other and interact with the vendor community.

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Dr. El Sanadi (far R) stands with two paramedics. The female paramedic is moulaged as a patient with anaphylaxis.