Tuesday, November 29, 2011 - Dr. Michael Reilly Performs First Robotic-assisted Total Knee Replacement in Broward County

Fort Lauderdale, FL - A team at Broward Health Imperial Point Medical Center led by Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Reilly, recently performed Broward County’s first computer-navigated total knee replacement using a robotic cutting guide. The technology offers a new surgical option for patients with chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis who require total knee replacement. It allows for increased accuracy of implant placement, helps implants last longer, and can reduce the patient’s recovery time.

Claire Donovan of Fort Lauderdale, one of the first patients to benefit from the new, robotic technology said, “Before the procedure, I had very limited ability to walk, stand, or bend without terrible pain. Now, even before full recovery, I am functioning far better and with remarkably little pain.”

The key to the procedure is the system’s ability to precisely replicate the surfaces of each individual patient’s damaged knee joint in the computer software without the need for preoperative CT or MRI scans. The surgeon is able to plan the size, position and orientation of the implant before making any bone cuts. Once the planning is complete, the robotic cutting guide is attached to the patient’s knee allowing the surgeon to customize each individual cut to precisely match the patient’s specific anatomy insuring the best possible placement of the implants.

“This is the most dramatic development in joint surgery in the past 30 years,” said Reilly. “For patients in constant pain who are no longer able to function well, this procedure is ideal.”

The Praxim Computer Assisted Navigation System featuring Apex Robotic Technology (ART) is the only system of its kind currently available to perform total knee replacements. With ART the patient does not require expensive preoperative CT scans or MRI like other robotic systems for partial knee replacement. Although other navigation systems on the market allow surgeons to see in millimeters and single degrees, this technology allows them to adjust to single millimeters and degrees during surgery.

“Imperial Point Medical Center has always embraced new medical technology in order to improve the lives of our patients,” said interim CEO, Mark Sprada. “Thanks to innovators like Dr. Reilly, we will continue to offer the very latest in technology for orthopedic surgery."

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