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Making Family Fitness Fun
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Moving Beyond All-or-Nothing Thinking
New Parents...Sore Backs
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Preparing Your Daughter for Changes
Putting the 'Fun' Back Into Fitness
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Spice Up Your Workouts with a Little Variety
Sports and Music: Both Good for Kids
Strength Training at Home
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Stretches for Your Lower Legs
Talk With Your Kids About These Issues
Talking Sex with Your Teen
Teach Teens to Stretch
Teen Suicide: Learning to Recognize the Warning Signs
The Inside Scoop on Outdoor Fitness
Treating Teen Acne
TV vs. Activity: Key Choice for Kids
We Can Head Off Teen Tragedies
Weight Room No Longer Off-Limits to Kids
Weight Training for Women
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When Exercising, Don't Skip Stretching
Wound Care Critical for Diabetes
Your Child's Social and Emotional Development
More U.S. Children Need a Daily Dose of Exercise

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Being active and making healthy food choices should be an important part of our children’s everyday lives. On Wednesday, April 24, Joe Rose and Patricia Andreu welcomed pro football players Brandon Fields and Dan Carpenter and their wives, Katie and Kaela to show us some great exercise and healthy eating tips.

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Segment 1: Childhood Obesity

Segment 2: Physical Activity

Segment 3: Sleep & Nutrition

Segment 4: Sports Injuries

Segment 5: When to Visit the ER

Segment 6: