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Sleep Disorders Center

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Test Your Knowledge of Cancer's Warning Signs

Early detection of cancer is important because it is usually easier to treat—and possibly cure—when caught early. Do you know what signs to look for? Take this quiz to find out more.

1. Any sudden or progressive change in a mole's appearance could be a sign of skin cancer.
2. A sore that doesn't heal could be a sign of skin cancer.
3. One sign of malignant melanoma is a mole tinged with shades of tan, brown, black, or blue.
4. Changes, lumps, or hard masses in the testicles are signs of testicular cancer.
5. A change in bowel habits—blood in the stool or chronic constipation—is a symptom of stomach cancer.
6. Lumps, hard knots, or a thickening in the breast could indicate breast cancer.
7. A nagging cough or hoarseness could be signs of lung cancer.
8. Prostate cancer often has no symptoms in its early stages.
9. Symptoms of mouth or tongue cancer include a sore inside the mouth that doesn't heal and mouth pain that doesn't get better or go away.
10. Bladder cancer has no symptoms.

Get Help...Sleep Soundly!

The Sleep Disorders Center at Broward Health North offers diagnosis and treatment for more than 80 different sleep disorders. The Center is comprised of physicians who are board certified in sleep medicine and pulmonary medicine, and staff who have specialized in sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders can be caused by many different reasons, including breathing problems, neurological problems or insomnia. The Sleep Disorders Center is one of the most comprehensive facilities in the area and provides evaluations, diagnostics testing and treatment for all causes.

Polysomnography, or sleep study monitoring, records various physiological responses during sleep, such as brain activity, muscle movements, eye movements, breathing ability, cardiac monitoring and oxygen levels in the blood.

Once the diagnosis is made, the Center provides a full range of treatment options. If a patient is diagnosed with sleep apnea and requires continuous positive airway pressure or bi-level airway pressure, free training and support is available through the Sleep Disorder Center.

Think you may have a sleep problem? Take our Epworth Sleepiness Quiz and see if you need help.

For more information, please call 954-786-7395.