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Broward Health Technology

Broward Health – Cutting Edge Technology

The technological engineering at Broward Health brings world class healthcare to the South Florida community – by providing the newest, most innovative technological advances in image guided radiation therapy, Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging, robotic surgery and more. With medical systems crucial to patient health, such as the $1.6 million da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System, the Siemens 128 Multi-Slice CT Scanner and the next generation of cancer care – CyberKnife® – Broward Health is on the cutting edge of medical technology in South Florida.



Broward County's first CyberKnife®, in use at Broward Health North, is designed to treat tumors anywhere in the body, pain-free. A non-invasive alternative to conventional surgery, the CyberKnife® works with sub-millimeter accuracy and unsurpassed flexibility tracking tumors in the brain, spine, lungs, liver, pancreas and prostate. It delivers radiation beams with a superior range of positions allowing access to a tumor from any direction.

Because of its precision and continuous imaging, the CyberKnife® ensures target accuracy without manually repositioning patients – treating what were once considered "inoperable" tumors. This non-invasive, pain-free technology allows patients to resume normal lives with minimal recovery time and risk.

Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Advanced imaging is key to success in the early detection of breast cancer. The Women's Diagnostic & Wellness Center at Broward Health Coral Springs is home to Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Utilizing advanced Breast MRI techniques, the sensitivity of this technology is now approximately 100 percent for detecting tumors at a more favorable stage, as small as 3mm, and finding 2 to 8 percent more cancers in high-risk patients than exams and mammography alone.

The American College of Radiology will soon require that centers offering Breast MRI must be equipped to do Breast MRI biopsies, as well. Broward Health already meets this requirement, since it has one of the few centers that provides the latest in Breast MRI as well as Breast MRI Biopsy capability.

da Vinci® Surgical Robot

Varian Image Guided Radiation Therapy System

The da Vinci® S HD Surgical System, available at Broward Health Imperial Point, and the latest addition to the da Vinci® Surgical System product line, the da Vinci® Si™  Robotic Surgical System, available at Broward Health Coral Springs, transform the way surgeons operate, and provide an easier recovery for patients. With indisputable accuracy and precise surgical maneuvering, certified robotic trained urologists and gynecologists perform minimally invasive procedures such as prostatectomies, hysterectomies and myomectomies with ease and efficiency. The da Vinci® system delivers increased clinical capability while providing more dexterous movements for the surgeon by translating the hand, wrist and finger movements with surgical precision.

Patients are thrilled with minimal scarring and blood loss, thereby allowing for shorter hospital stays and a decreased risk of infection, while returning to normal activities more quickly.

Varian Image Guided Radiation Therapy System

Varian Image Guided Radiation Therapy System

The Varian Trilogy and Varian iX Image Guided Radiation Therapy Systems, found at Broward Health Medical Center and Broward Health North, are part of a new generation of cancer care. It combines innovative image-guidance technology that pinpoints the tumor at the moment of treatment, with the most focused and powerful radiation beam available. The result is faster and highly precise treatments.

The Varian System maximizes patient benefits with its ability to offer multiple forms of treatment, from radiosurgery to radiation therapy. It also yields shorter treatment times, which produces a more comfortable patient experience. Its precise accuracy spares healthy tissues, and it also treats a wide variety of patients quickly and efficiently using a single machine.

128 Multi-Slice CT Scanner

128 Multi-Slice CT Scanner

Broward Health Weston is home to the first Siemens Definition AS+ 128 Multi-Slice CT Scanner in Broward County. It's the world's first CT Scanner to adapt to virtually every patient and provides imaging for most types of diagnostic exams, including vessel imaging, cardiac tests and cancer staging. It's exceptionally fast – even faster than the human heart – and produces spectacular images, plus in many cases it eliminates the need for follow-up tests.

Giraffe Omnibed

The Giraffe Omnibed at Chris Evert Children's Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) creates a safer environment for premature infants. The Omnibed's innovative design allows for 360 degree access to newborns while keeping their temperature regulated. With the use of this new technology, babies can avoid risking environmental changes which can be hazardous for their fragile systems.

Not only does the Omnibed feature simple controls for the operator, but it supplies uniform radiant heat and humidity. The internal weighing mechanism allows babies to be weighed without removing them from the bed, while the neonatal mattress technology preserves skin integrity. This system provides the most high-risk hospital babies with the most gentle and supportive surroundings.

Barcoded Medication Administration System

Broward Health is one of the few public healthcare systems in the nation to implement a Barcoded Medication Administration System (BCMA). This advanced BCMA records, tracks and ensures the correct medications are delivered in the prescribed dosage and time, to the right patient. With the use of a simple barcoded wristband, patients can see the system at work and are reassured by the added safety measure. BCMA enables caregivers to work more efficiently and demonstrates Broward Health's commitment to patient safety.

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