Robotic Magnetic Navigation Technology

Robotic magnetic navigation technology is revolutionizing the way cardiac ablation is performed at Broward Health. By using an advanced robotic navigation system powered by magnetic fields, the ablation process can be more accurate and safer than ever before. This technology provides a more precise and efficient way to perform cardiac ablation, ensuring that the procedure is done with the highest levels of accuracy and safety.

Improved Accuracy and Safety

Robotic magnetic navigation technology provides a more accurate and safe way to perform cardiac ablation. This technology provides an unprecedented level of accuracy and safety when performing ablation, allowing physicians to perform the procedure with greater accuracy and precision. This improved accuracy and safety ensures that the ablation procedure at Broward Health is done with the highest levels of accuracy and safety.

Enhanced Quality of Care

Robotic magnetic navigation technology has enabled physicians to provide higher quality care for their patients. This technology has improved the accuracy and safety of the Broward Health ablation procedure, resulting in improved outcomes for patients. This improved accuracy and safety ensures that patients receive the highest quality of care when undergoing an ablation procedure.

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Key Features & Benefits of Ablation at Broward Health


  1. Precise navigation and control: Robotic magnetic navigation technology enables highly accurate and controlled movements of the catheter during a cardiac ablation procedure. The technology employs precise magnetic fields to guide and steer the catheter, allowing doctors to access and treat complex and hard-to-reach areas within the heart.

  2. Real-time 3D visualization: The system integrates advanced imaging techniques, providing real-time 3D visualization of the heart's anatomy and electrophysiological data. This allows the physicians to efficiently map the patient's cardiac structure, identify the problematic areas causing atrial fibrillation, and plan the best approach for optimal treatment.

  3. Remote operation: The technology enables Broward Health physicians to operate the robot-assisted catheter from a remote control console, providing an ergonomic and safer workspace for the medical staff. This minimizes the physical strain on physicians during the cardiac ablation procedure and reduces the exposure to radiation.
Lab Machine used in Cardiac Ablations


  1. Improved procedural outcomes: Utilizing robotic magnetic navigation technology offers more precise, stable, and controlled catheter movements, which can lead to better lesion formation and higher success rates of the cardiac ablation procedure. This may potentially result in a reduced need for repeat procedures, thereby improving the overall treatment experience for the patients.

  2. Lower risk of complications: The enhanced precision and control during the ablation procedure significantly decrease the chances of procedural-related complications, such as perforations or collateral tissue damage. Additionally, the reduced radiation exposure for both patients and medical staff contributes to a safer treatment environment.

  3. Efficient and cost-effective treatment: The combination of high precision, real-time 3D visualization, and remote operation not only streamlines the cardiac ablation procedure but also reduces the overall procedure time. This efficiency minimizes the risks associated with prolonged anesthesia and potentially shorter recovery times for patients. Consequently, the technology also contributes to a more cost-effective treatment process
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Broward Health Ablation Information

Broward Health is leading the way in using robotic magnetic navigation technology to perform a cardiac ablation. This innovative approach yields impressive results, including shorter procedure times and fewer patient complications. Contact Broward Health today and learn more about how this cutting-edge technology can benefit you or someone you love. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals are here to answer your questions and provide the best possible care for your individual needs. Cardiac Services