Collier City Civic Association Meeting


The Collier City Civic Association met in a monthly meeting to discuss concerns and achievements that are currently being addressed within their subdivision within The City of Pompano Beach. Each month, various human service and governmental agencies give presentations or updates on their progress and barriers to progress occurring in The City of Pompano Beach. The Collier City area has a high incidence of poverty, chronic illness, violence and illicit drug activity, which is being reviewed and addressed by BSO, Broward Health and The City of Pompano Beach CRA. Our combined efforts will allow local residents an opportunity, to access assistance required for effective management these neighborhood concerns. Margate Health Center and Annie L. Weaver Health Center are primary care access points in close proximity to Collier City and Esquire Lakes subdivisions.

Wednesday 2/27/2019

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM



Collier City Jan Moran Library


Vince Johnson
(754) 234.5844
[email protected]