House of God Church Foster Children Christmas Toy Giveaway


House of God Church #1, a faith based organization, held a toy giveaway and free lunch event to share resources available to the faith based community and a local congregation in northern Broward County. Thirty attendees were on hand to receive in kind food items donated by BHCHS. Margate Health Center and Pompano Pediatric Center in unison with Primary Care Community Relation Council member, Rev. Marguerite Luster, were on hand to distribute toys to at-risk, foster children who could be linked into our primary care system operated under BHCHS and BH UCC. Annie L Weaver Health Center and Margate Health Center were positioned as access points for primary care and wrap around services among at-risk families requiring medical home establishment in The City of Pompano Beach.

Saturday 12/22/2018

8:30 AM - 10:30 AM



House of God Church Pillar and the Ground #1


Vince Johnson
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