The Sistrunk Festival Chris Smith 5K Classic


The Sistrunk Festival Chris Smith 5K Classic, a local 5K run/walk fitness event, was held to commemorate the kick-off of the historic Sistrunk Festival, located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Annually, Former Senator Chris Smith coordinates and implements a 5K run/walk fitness event to highlight benefits directly associated with exercise and being active within the community. Broward Health provided in-kind healthy snack offerings (i.e. whole fruit) and water plus BH promotional items to reinforce the message of healthy diet options which are conducive toward promoting a healthy lifestyle. Cora E Braynon Family Health Center and Specialty Care Center are two primary care centers available for families living in close proximity to The Sistrunk Corridor.

Saturday 2/23/2019

6:30 AM - 11:30 AM



Samuel Delevoe Park, Fort Lauderdale, FL


Sandra McLendon
(754) 234.5844
[email protected]