What Does it Mean to be a Black Physician?
Dr Rowe“Being a Black physician means everything,” said Patricia Rowe-King, M.D., F.A.A.P., a pediatrician at Broward Health Medical Center and a Designated Institutional Official of Broward Health’s Graduate Medical Education program. “We need all perspectives and insights in medicine. We have a unique and critically important voice.”

“It is imperative that we serve as role models for young people and inform them that they have unlimited potential. If they harness their determination, focus and drive they can accomplish their goals.”

“Young people ‘cannot be what they don’t see.’ Many African-American physicians are first generation doctors forging their path alone, and they find it difficult to find mentorship. It is essential that as minority physicians we develop robust professional networks and provide mentorship, guidance and resources for young people that are interested in the medical profession.”

“Many children living in marginalized communities experience systemic barriers to success. Some of our main focuses as minority physicians are exemplary patient care and to let the next generation know they ‘absolutely can do it’, regardless of systems that may not be encouraging and might tell them otherwise.”