Salute to Case Managers

Broward Health Coral Springs

Mary Monahan

Mary Monahan has been a case manager at Broward Health Coral Springs for the last 12 years, and in 2014 was promoted to her current role as case manager coordinator. Her duties include, but are not limited to, complex discharge planning, transition of care, reducing readmission and monitoring length of stay. She participates in multidisciplinary rounding with the hospitalists and works hand in hand with the Chief Medical Officer.

Monahan finds it rewarding it to be able to connect with patients through rounding. She also enjoys providing support to the case managers and social workers on complex issues. She has been instrumental in helping train staff and transition them to enhanced practice modules.

Her experience in clinical nursing background includes pediatrics, emergency care and critical care. And with her broad nursing background, she has the expertise to manage patients and families, identifying resources and searching for solutions that benefit her patients.

Monahan is certified in case management, has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Healthcare Management.

Helen Guzzi

Helen Guzzi has been a case manager at Broward Health Coral Springs for the past 11 years. She specializes in discharge planning and coordination of post-acute care services. She worked as a staff nurse for 24 years prior to her current role. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many challenges evolved in her role as case manager. The unit to which she was assigned was restructured and designated a COVID unit.

Guzzi has been tasked with keeping track of the ever-changing rules of COVID testing, discharge and transfer. She became highly regarded for her expertise when dealing with coordinating post-hospital care for COVID patients. She works with the insurance companies to have transfers and services authorized. She also assists families, explaining the process. She cultivates positive relationships with the families, which is an integral part of patient- and family-centered care.

Guzzi said her career in case management has its challenges, but it’s never boring, and at the end of the day it is the most satisfying career she could envision for herself. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippines.

Broward Health Medical Center

Cathy McLachlan, RN

Cathy McLachlan, RN, ACCM, is an acute care case manager in the respiratory care and the COVID-19 intensive care units at Broward Health Medical Center. In her role, she ensures the safe and timely discharge of patients. 

“Being the case manager for these two separate units during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most-challenging assignment of my career,” she said. “There were the lows of losing patients and the joy of assisting patients and families that made it through.”

McLachlan is especially passionate about patient-care and helping to deliver successful outcomes for all.  “Knowing that I made a difference is gratifying, McLachlan said. “Whether it's holding someone’s hand, facilitating admission to the rehab of their choice or helping family members come to a decision regarding hospice.”

McLachlan has been with Broward Health Medical Center since 2013. She received her registered nursing degree from Broward College.


Grace Walker, RN

Grace Walker, RN, is an acute care case manager at Broward Health Medical Center and works in the step-down intensive care, transplant and telemetry units. Her current role is to help ensure the safe discharge of all patients.

“My favorite part of being a case manager is to advocate for the well-being of patients and families by demonstrating empathy and compassionate all times,” said Walker. “I will do whatever is needed to facilitate the best plan of care for their recovery and a safe discharge.”

As a liver transplant recipient, she has also become a passionate advocate and local ambassador for the Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency.

“I have been dedicated to raising awareness for organ donation and transplantation,” said Walker. “I have the unique advantage of being able to give hope and inspiration to pre- and post-transplant patients. I feel privileged to be working on the same unit as a case manager where I was a patient four years ago.”

Walker has been with Broward Health since 2005. She received her Associate of Science in Nursing from Broward College. She will begin her Bachelor of Science in nursing degree at Chamberlain University in January 2021. Walker has been a professional member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, American Nurses Association and the Oncology Nursing Society.

Broward Health North

Beverley Harriot, RN

Beverley Harriot, a nurse case manager at Broward Health North, knows that working in healthcare is fast-paced, exciting and always a source for expanding her skillset. Her first job with Broward Health was in 2006, when she was hired as the operations manager of the outpatient lithotripsy center.

With a career that spans more than 40 years, her passion for caring for people has remained strong and has driven her to transition to case management, where she has been able to serve both patients and families, helping ensure safe transitions to the next level of care or home. By maintaining a high standard of care and through her wealth of experience, she continues to inspire nurses and social workers starting their careers in education, mentoring and leadership. Harriot’s vast clinical knowledge and compassion make her a strong asset to our healthcare system as she inspire her peers to elevate their own practice.

Harriot graduated from Essex County College in 1980 with an associate degree in nursing and later attained her bachelor’s degree in health services administration from Barry University.

Barbara Lay-Konitzer

Barbara Lay-Konitzer, a social worker at Broward Health North, is driven by the positive impact she has made for people during her career in healthcare that spans more than two decades. Her optimism is a source of inspiration for her colleagues, and her dedicated work ethic allows her to fully provide her patients and their families all relevant resources that may improve upon quality of life once her patients transition back into the community.

Lay-Konitzer began her career as a social worker for Women in Distress, a non-profit dedicated to helping women who have suffered from domestic violence. She worked within the Broward shelter providing counseling, training and empowerment to the agency’s clients. Since then, she has spent 16 years of her career serving psychiatric patients within acute care behavioral health units and though private practice. This population afforded her not only valuable interpersonal clinical experience, but infinite resilience.

As a valuable resource to her department, Lay-Konitzer brings a wealth of experience. She now primarily serves patients in the Emergency Department, because she is easily able to meet the high demand of the department and identify solutions for individuals in distress or in need of referrals to find the help they need.

Lay-Konitzer has a Master of Social Work from Barry University. She obtained her LCSW and is a Clinical Supervisor for licensure-seeking MSW individuals.