Keeping Your Kids Safe

Every parent's top priority is the safety of their children. Here are some tips for parents on how to protect their children at home, in the car, and while playing outside.

At Home

  • Furniture with sharp edges should be covered, especially those that are child-height.
  • To stop lightweight furniture from falling onto children if it is pulled, fasten it to the walls with bolts.

  • Use outlet plugs to prevent children from sticking their fingers or toys in the outlets.

  • Use child-proof door locks, gates, and latches to prevent kids from going into rooms and other potentially dangerous spaces.

  • Use screws to fasten gates that are used at the top of stairs to the wall.

  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and regularly ensure they are working properly.

  • Keep products containing potentially toxic chemicals locked away from children. These may include cleaning supplies, paint, pesticides, and garden chemicals.

  • Keep medicine, vitamins, and minerals in childproof bottles and on a high shelf where children cannot reach.

  • Keep products in their original containers.

  • Never store nonfood substances in food containers.

In the Car

  • Ensure your children are always buckled in.

  • For smaller children, use a carseat of the appropriate size and be sure to install it correctly, using the accompanied instructions.

  • Never allow children to ride in the bed of a truck.

  • Children under 13 years old should not sit in the front passenger seat.

Playing Outside

  • Make sure your children are wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle, rollerblading, skateboarding, or participating in sports such as football, baseball, or lacrosse.

  • Ensure helmets are in good condition and are not damaged in any way.

  • Keep children from playing on streets with heavy traffic.

  • Enroll your children in swimming classes by the age of 4.