comprehensive  stroke care

Signs of a Stroke?

When it comes to stroke care, timing is everything. Even minutes can make a life-saving difference.
Being prepared begins with learning to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.


Watch for a sudden loss of balance, trouble walking, or dizziness. Is the person leaning to one side or staggering when walking?


Blurred or double vision that doesn’t go away can be a symptom of a stroke. Be aware of loss of vision in one or both eyes above the midline.

Face drooping

Look for drooping on one side of the face, especially when smiling. A deviated tongue to one side and numbness in the face can also be symptoms of a stroke.

Аrm weakness

Strokes may bring on sudden weakness or tingling on one side of the body. Look for drifting or dropping when both arms are raised.

Slurred speech

Sudden speech difficulties can also be signs of a stroke. This includes slurred speech as well as mixing up words and trouble understanding others.


If you experience any of the symptoms, call 911.


Are You at Risk for a Stroke?