Broward Health Profiles in Leadership: Celebrating Black History Month

Broward Health Profiles in Leadership: Celebrating Black History Month

Monday Feb. 10, 2020
Black History Month Profile: Vince L. Johnson

Director, Strategic Operations and Community Outreach
Ambulatory Services, Community Health Services.
9 years of public service at Broward Health

What figure in Black History would you most like to meet and why?

If I could meet a figure in Black History, it would be Alvin Johnson, M.Ed. Alvin was my dad who taught chemistry and math in the Broward County Public Schools for over 30 years at Dillard High School and Deerfield High School. He was well-versed and highly educated, and he instilled in me the legacy of fatherhood and what it takes to bring about a positive return on investment within your children. I believe it is important to create a platform for your children to leap forward into their futures. He used to say, “Once you have lived your life to a certain point, you then begin to live for others.” Muhammad Ali stated, “Service is the rent you pay for your space on earth."

What are you most proud of, professionally or personally?
My favorite Broward Health moments are when we seek to create a “WOW” moments in the lives of our patients and their families. For instance, coordinating and implementing our series of baby showers and special events (such as patient appreciation events) allows Broward Health to set itself apart. We create “WOW” moments in the lives of our patients while educating them at the same time. I coined the term “edutainment.” I like to say that our health center staff knows our patients on a first-name basis, and this makes them feel special.

Personally, I am proud of my three young adults who have a commitment to health care, music and journalism. Each one of them has a clear vision on their career pathway and seeks to contribute to society in their own way. I want them to dream BIG and just go for it!

Who or what inspires you, professionally or personally?
My motivation or inspiration is every day within Broward Health because we are able to help others who are challenged with helping themselves. I have coined the term “health care evangelism” because we present Broward Health systemwide to the community to ensure Broward County residents realize that viable options exist pertaining to primary and tertiary care.

What advice would you give someone starting their career in your field?
My advice to someone entering South Florida’s health care arena would be to become trained in multiple disciplines, such as managed care, biology, psychology and finance. To succeed in health care or human service delivery, one has to be able to understand key internal and external drivers. For instance, your market dictates what type of services is rendered and how they are rendered. It is very important to meet market demand. If you do not serve your market as they perceive, then the market will find an option that will service their needs.

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