Meet Broward Health: Heart Month Profiles

Meet Broward Health: Heart Month Profiles

Monday Feb. 10, 2020
Sandra Bourne, RN, MSN, MBA

Regional Manager,Cardiovascular Services

Broward Health Coral Springs

Why are you passionate about cardiac care?
My passion for cardiology started in 2005. A young lady was turned away in her country from having a much-needed coronary artery bypass surgery because the surgeon thought her risk was extremely high of dying on the procedure table. This young lady risked her life and traveled through six different countries to get to the USA. Here, the cardiac thoracic surgeon told her that she indeed had a high probably of not coming out of the surgery alive but would definitely die without it. Given her prognosis, the young lady decided to have the surgery. I was able to observe the surgery as the patient’s heart was stopped and a bypass machine was used to pump blood to the body. To my amazement, the surgeon removed the bypass machine at the end of the procedure and the patient’s heart started to beat on its own in front of my eyes. I was sold! I wanted to make a difference in the lives of patients with coronary artery disease.

What is one piece of advice you give to patients in order to stay heart healthy?
One piece of advice that I would give is do something. Whether it be a walk, riding a bicycle or swimming. Whatever you can do, start and use moderation. Anything is better than nothing.

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