Meet Fabio Vogel

Meet Fabio Vogel

Monday Jul. 22, 2019
Meet Fabio Vogel

Fabio Vogel enjoys working with his colleagues at Broward Health Medical Center's pharmacy. Everyday, he remains focused on providing patients with the highest quality care.

Meet Fabio

Name and Title: Fabio Vogel, Supervisor, Pharmacy Operations

Years at Broward Health: More than a year

What motivates me to come to work each day: The ample opportunity for change and the support from administration to enact those changes. Also, there is a great camaraderie within the staff that makes every interaction great.

My favorite Broward Health moment: When we celebrated Pharmacy Week last year. It was also during Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we had a pink fashion show. The staff was laughing so hard and enjoying themselves and it was the best memory. Dr. Josh Lenchus, chief medical officer, had recently joined Broward Health Medical Center, and it was also the first time he met our staff. He left with a great impression.  

Some advice I’d give to a new employee just starting their career in healthcare: More than ever, the field of healthcare is changing. This environment thirsts for individuals who want to solve problems in order to provide the best care. Never forget that your true motivation is to help people, and if something needs to change in order to do so, be that force.

How I like to relax: Golf, enjoying family and friends, and great dining.

What I’m most proud of personally or professionally: My family is my greatest source of pride. The second is how I’ve placed myself in the opportunity to help others who need it.

What’s on my playlist: Everything. I used to DJ in clubs for seven years in my previous life, so I appreciate all kinds of music (classical to grunge rock to 80s to Frank Sinatra)

If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead, it would be: Albert Einstein. By far my greatest inspiration. As intelligent as a man he was, he seemed to have a great understanding of what really matters and how to view the world. He pursued his intellectual passions, thought for himself, and had a realistic understanding of our place in the universe. More often than not, views that I hold in my heart have some corresponding quote from him. 

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