Summer Intern Series

Summer Intern Series

Wednesday Jul. 24, 2019
Summer Internship Series | Part 4

In today's post, you'll meet our final group of interns who are working in various departments across the system, including marketing and communications, community affairs, claims and insurance, epidemiology and infectious diseases, and ambulatory services. Find out how these talented students will apply what they’ve learned at Broward Health this summer to their future careers.


HannahName: Hannah Farley

School: Nova Southeastern University

Major: Marketing and Finance

Graduation Date: May 2020

My internship location and mentor: Marketing Department with Denise Moore, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Where I was born/raised: I was born and raised in Cranston, Rhode Island

The most influential person to me: The most influential person to me growing up is tied between two people. Both of my grandmothers influenced me through their commitment to their community, and giving back in any means that they could. Whether it be service through church work, visiting nursing homes, giving of funds, or through their careers, both of them made sure to put other people first, in reference to their strong faith. They encouraged me in all of my endeavors, and have been perfect examples of women cherished by their communities.

Why I decided to study healthcare: I have decided to study healthcare because I have always had a passion for helping those in need and had an interest in the health sciences. In 2017, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and being a part of his journey to becoming cancer free, truly developed that passion even more. I strive to be able to use my skills to help those around me and make a positive impact on my community and those around me.

What I hope to learn during my Broward Health internship: During my internship at Broward Health this summer, I hope to learn not only about the marketing department, and digital media, social media, and creating meaningful content, but also how I can contribute to creating a positive impact on the well-being of others and my community.

A fun fact about me: A fun fact about myself is that I am the treasurer and a member of the Rifftides, an acapella singing group on my college campus (Pitch Perfect in real life!).



betsaidaName: Betsaida Frausto-Gonzalez

School: University of Pennsylvania 

Major: Health and Societies (concentration in Healthcare Markets and Finance)

Graduation Date: May 2020

My internship location and mentor: Community and Government Affairs with Kathy Salerno

Where I was born/raised: I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, but raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The most influential person to me: My parents are the most influential people of my life and whose work ethic I hope to mirror. My parents immigrated to this country in their teens with a toddler (me) and did not let the barriers they faced stop them from making something of themselves. Now, my parents are both home and business owners, providing not only for our small family, but also to all who ask for help.

Why I decided to study healthcare: In high school I attended a magnet program focused on healthcare, more so focused on providing direct care (Eg: EMT courses, internships shadowing physicians, clinical courses, etc.). I entered my high school program with the intention of filling the accessibility gaps found in marginalized communities. Entering Penn, I understood that I was interested in the healthcare sector and blindly followed what I had been taught in high school by choosing to go down the pre-med track. However, it took my first 2 years of undergrad for me to realize I wasn’t interested in providing care, but rather administrating it. In the health organizations I became a part of, I volunteered to work in the registration and planning committees rather than committees focused on delivering care. I have since focused on healthcare administration and finance while completing my undergraduate career. 

What I hope to learn during my Broward Health internship: I hope to be able to learn the day-to-day operations of administrating a healthcare system as large as Broward Health. More so, I hope to be able to gain an inside understanding of the planning that goes into sustaining Broward Health by having the opportunity to interact with various departments this summer.

A fun fact about me: I am double jointed (shoulders, fingers, knees, toes) which impresses/disgusts my friends. I can pop my shoulders and knees out of their sockets.  


dillonName: Dillon Hudson

School: Florida Atlantic University

Major: Health Administration, with Minors in Health Information Systems and Leadership & Human Resources Development

Graduation Date: August 6, 2019

My internship location and mentor: Claims & Insurance Services with Michael Cavazos, Corporate Director of Claims & Insurance Services, and Ainsworth Patten, Claims Manager

Where I was born/raised: Born in Miami, FL and raised in Broward County

The most influential person to me: There are three people that have had the most influence on me; my mother, my father, and my older brother (I couldn’t choose one). They have all taught me many different life lessons that I currently use on a daily basis for any responsibilities or tasks I have to take care of.

Why I decided to study healthcare: I have decided to study healthcare because I have developed a genuine passion for the field over time and couldn’t see myself pursuing a career in any other industry. Also, I have learned many skills and absorbed much knowledge while in school and have determined that healthcare is an industry that will always be in economical demand.

What I hope to learn during my Broward Health internship: I hope to learn just how interconnected most of the departments are and how prepared I should be while developing a career in this field. I also hope to form life-long connections with different employees while I am here.

A fun fact about me: Out of all of my family members, immediate and distant, I am the only one allergic to all shellfish and most nuts. So, I always get to watch my family enjoy different types of shellfish and remind me what I’m missing out on.


SamanthaName: Samantha Maurice


School: Florida Atlantic University


Major: Neuroscience and Behavior

Graduation Date: May 2020

My internship location and mentor: Epidemiology and Infectious Disease with Rachel Guran


Where I was born/raised: Raised in Sunrise, Florida


The most influential person to me: My mom was the most influential person in my life growing up. My mother is the most influential person in my life because she is the one who inspired me to pursue a career in healthcare. She would always go and come back from work in green scrubs from her job as an RN and tell me about her day keeping up with the well-being of her patients.


Why I decided to study healthcare: I wanted to see the "backside" of medicine. So many times you see the physicians and nurses when you think of a hospital but there is so much more so I wanted to know how those other parts help the hospital run in ways the average patient who comes through the door would not usually see.


What I hope to learn during my Broward Health internship: I hope to learn more about the integrated aspect of a hospital so that when I become a physician I can better do my job, taking into account every aspect of a working healthcare hospital system.


A fun fact about me: My initials spell my name. So my full name is Samantha Audrey Maurice which means my initials spell 'SAM' 


Name: Kayla Tufo (Photo unavailable)

School: College of the Holy Cross


Major: Global Health Studies

Graduation Date: May 2020

My internship location and mentor: Ambulatory Services with Beth Cherry


Where I was born/raised: Westchester County, NY


The most influential person to me: My grandma had the biggest influence on my life growing up. She was a special education teacher and dedicated herself to selflessly helping others every day. She loved her job and touched many students’ lives.  I hope one day to impact people’s lives in the ways she had.


Why I decided to study healthcare: I decided to study health care because I have always been interested in learning about healthcare inequalities, access to care, affordability, and quality of care. I hope one day to become a Nurse Practitioner and improve people’s lives—working to make healthcare accessible for all people.


What I hope to learn during my Broward Health internship: I hope to learn about the administrative side of health care and how healthcare organizations function on a daily basis.


A fun fact about me: I am fluent in Italian and recently lived in Italy for 6 months.


Name: Cedrick Larrieux (Photo unavailable)


School: Florida Atlantic University


Major: Health Administration


Graduation Date: August 06, 2019


My internship location and mentor: Broward Health Physician Group business operations with Cynthia Bonnette


Where I was born/raised: Born in Michigan, Raised in Florida


The most influential person to me: My Mother because she is the most influential person in my life is because she supports me in all my endeavors, regardless of how ambitious they are.


Why I decided to study healthcare: My family has a history of being involved in healthcare, whether it's as a nurse, doctor, or administrator.


What I hope to learn during my Broward Health internship: I hope to learn the how a healthcare system works and be able to practice what I've learned.


A fun fact about me: I graduate from FAU on August 6th


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