Meet CDTC Cyclone Micha Siegel

Meet CDTC Cyclone Micha Siegel

Monday Sep. 16, 2019
Meet CDTC Cyclone Micha Siegel

Micha Siegel is gearing up for the upcoming Smart Ride, a two-day,165-mile bike ride from Miami to Key West, with proceeds benefiting the Children's Diagnostic and Treatment Center and other South Florida organizations who support patients living with HIV/AIDS. Meet Micha.


 Name: Micha Siegel

Title and Department: Marketing Manager, Corporate Marketing


  • What I do at Broward HealthI’m the regional marketing liaison to BHCS, BHN, BH Foundation and CDTC, assisting with their internal and external marketing needs.
  • Years at Broward Health1 year
  • What motivates me to come to work each day: Knowing that I can have an impact on a potential patient’s healthcare by helping them become aware of the high-quality services provided by Broward Health, as well as creating greater access to and knowledge of the care we offer.
  • My favorite Broward Health moment: My favorite moment was during the CDTC Basket Brigade, seeing all of the volunteers work together to package and deliver food to those in need for Thanksgiving.
  • What motivates me to be a part of the SMART RideMy motivation for the SMART Ride is helping to bring awareness to an issue that most people don't consider being a serious health concern anymore. By participating in fundraising and riding, I hope I can share the ongoing need for HIV/AIDS awareness and funding for research.
  • What’s the most challenging part of participating in the Ride: My most challenging part of the ride is the time commitment to train and wanting to spend time with my two little girls, Sarah, 5, and Hannah, 2, on the weekend.
  • What I am most looking forward to about the Ride:  I’m looking forward to spending two days riding and being on the road with the CDTC Cyclones.
  • What’s on my playlist: A little of everything, except country. Everything from classic rock like Aerosmith and Journey, to metal like Metallica to pop like Imagine Dragons. 
  • What I’m most proud of personally or professionallyI’m most proud of my two little girls and watching them develop their own personalities while teaching them how to treat everyone equally and with respect.



The SMART Ride is a two-day,165-Mile bike ride from Miami to Key West that will take place on November 15 and 16. Proceeds from the event benefit the Children's Diagnostic & Treatment Center and other South Florida organizations who support patients living with HIV/AIDS. Learn more about how you can support the CDTC Cyclones. 


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