Holiday Drinking and You

Holiday Drinking and You

Friday Dec. 13, 2019
Holiday Alcohol Use and You

This time of year, you can expect alcoholic beverages to be a staple at almost any gathering, large or small. If you imbibe, put some forethought into how to drink responsibly and stay safe this holiday season. Here are common guidelines to follow:

  • Eat food to slow the absorption of alcohol: Foods high in protein, like cheese, work best, but any food in your system will help.
  • Steer clear of carbonated alcoholic beverages and “shots” to avoid rapid absorption of alcohol. Carbonization increases pressure in your stomach. This speeds the absorption rate of alcohol.
  • Most importantly, understand your body’s reaction to alcohol. Don’t be fooled into believing that not “feeling it” after you’ve been drinking means that you are “okay to drive.” Not “feeling it” leads many people with a high tolerance to drink more alcohol than their peers. This leads to higher blood alcohol content (BAC) than for those in the group who react to “feeling” alcohol sooner by drinking less. The one with the highest tolerance therefore could have the highest BAC in the group, despite appearing unaffected!
  •  The best rule: Never drive after drinking—choose a designated driver beforehand or call a ride service.

Source: Employee Assistance Program 


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