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Monday Dec. 18, 2023
Broward Health Coral Springs Now Offering Aquablation Therapy to Treat Enlarged Prostate

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA- Broward Health Coral Springs is proud to be among the first hospitals in South Florida offering Aquablation therapy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), commonly referred to as enlarged prostate. It is performed with the AquaBeam Robotic System. 

“We are committed to providing advanced treatment options for our patients in the community where they live,” said Kutty K. Chandran, M.D., chief medical officer of Broward Health Coral Springs. “We’re excited to offer this minimally invasive procedure that addresses a very common condition that can have a significant impact on quality of life.”

When a man’s prostate becomes enlarged, it can cause lower urinary tract symptoms which impact the ability to hold urine and empty the bladder. The National Institute of Health estimates about half of all men between the ages of 51 and 60 and up to 90% of men 80 years of age or older suffer from BHP.

Aquablation therapy is a resective procedure in which the prostate tissue causing symptoms is surgically removed. It is the only procedure that uses a heat-free waterjet controlled by robotic technology to remove prostate tissue, and the only one that combines a camera (called a cystoscope) with ultrasound imaging. This gives surgeons the ability to map which parts of the prostate to remove and to avoid the parts of the prostate that cause irreversible complications. 

Next, the surgeon uses the robotically controlled, heat-free waterjet to remove the prostate tissue that was outlined on the surgical map. The procedure does not require an abdominal incision, as the prostate is reached through the urethra.

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