Anterior Hip Replacement Technique

Anterior Hip Replacement Technique

Wednesday Aug. 08, 2018
Patient Off on European Vacation Six Weeks After Hip Surgery Thanks to Anterior Hip Replacement Technique

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. – Six weeks after having hip replacement surgery, Werner Sichel, 83, is on his way to Europe for summer vacation. Thanks to anterior hip replacement surgery at Broward Health North, Sichel has experienced a quick recovery and resumed his normal lifestyle.

Broward Health North’s Joint Replacement Center was the first in South Florida to complete hip replacement surgery using the anterior approach with the assistance of the hana® table. The anterior approach allowed Bruce Janke, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, to reach the hip joint from the front as opposed to the lateral (side) or posterior (back) of the hip, which is required with traditional replacement surgery. Sichel’s hip was replaced during surgery without detaching muscle or the femur bone, aiding in his fast recovery.

“Werner has had a rapid recovery since his surgery,” said Janke, who is also medical director of Broward Health North’s Joint Replacement Center. “With traditional hip replacements, muscles and tendons are detached to insert the new hip. Utilizing the anterior approach, I am able to make a small incision in front of the hip, part the muscles like a curtain and replace all hip components. This causes less trauma to the muscles and surrounding tissue. While Werner’s recovery is fast for a person of his age, this is normal for patients that have hip replacements with the anterior approach.”

“We are committed to offering our patients the most advanced technologies to provide the highest-quality patient care,” said Beverly Capasso, President/CEO of Broward Health. “We are delighted to see Mr. Sichel’s swift recovery and proud to have helped improve his quality of life.”

Sichel, of Boca Raton, had a traditional hip replacement surgery in 2016. However, he came to Broward Health North for his second hip replacement after he learned the Joint Replacement Center was using the anterior approach.

“When I found out I needed a second hip replacement, I didn’t want to go through the rehab and recovery I had to endure during my first surgery,” said Sichel. “With the anterior approach, I certainly didn’t have to. I required no rehab prior to surgery and I was up walking and bending my hip right after surgery. If I had known about the anterior approach previously, I would have used it with my first hip replacement.”

Six weeks post-surgery Werner is back to his active lifestyle, walking and working out in the gym almost daily. This would not have been possible with traditional hip replacement surgery, which requires six to eight weeks of limited hip motion. The anterior approach allows patients to move the hip immediately following surgery and begin the rehabilitation process day of surgery.

“I am so thankful I had my second hip replaced using the anterior approach at Broward Health North,” said Sichel. “I can now get back to what I love to do most, which is travel. I will be in Europe soon actively exploring new places without any limitations or pain thanks to my new hip.”

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