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Wednesday Jul. 18, 2018
Summer Internship Series -- Part Four

We're pleased to bring you the final installment of our Broward Health summer intern series, featuring five more outstanding students. For the past several weeks, each intern has been working with amazing leaders in various departments throughout the healthcare system, including nutritional services, general counsel, behavioral health, finance and more. Read their profiles below.

Anthony Albornoz

Anthony Albornoz is making sure that Broward Health Medical Center patients are well-fed as an intern in the hospital’s Nutritional Services department.

From preparing plant-based formulas for infants to planning meals based on dietary needs, Anthony is learning about the detailed process that takes place well before a patient receives their meal.  In his role, he helps to ensure that patients are getting the right nutrients to support their health. 

“I’m getting a behind-the-scenes look at how patients’ meals are prepared based on dietary necessities, from the start of the food assembly to the point where the patient actually receives the meal,” Anthony said. 

A University of Florida student, Anthony is studying nutritional science and is heading to medical school after he graduates next year. During his internship at Broward Health, he’s also had the  chance to work closely with pediatric gastroenterologist Debora Duro, M.D., assisting with research related to pediatric obesity.  

“My favorite aspect of this internship is working in Dr. Duro’s office,” Anthony said. Helping children develop into healthy young adults who are ready to experience life is my true passion.”

Anthony advises future interns to network heavily and pursue goals with passion. “Always be willing to go after something you’re interest in, and give it 110 percent. You never know who is watching you. Even simply introducing yourself to others can help you in the long run.”

Anthony said he wouldn’t mind being stranded on an island, as long as he had his family by his side. Ever the optimist, he said he would use the situation to learn and grow. “Between all of us, we would find a way to survive by developing sustainable shelter and finding food, water and fire,” he said. “As long as we have faith, family and happiness, we could make it a vacation.” 


Natasha Mathurin 

Natasha Mathurin has spent the summer working alongside Broward Health’s legal team. The third year law student at St. Thomas University School of Law is conducting legal research, revising contract agreements and learning local, state and federal healthcare regulatory requirements as an intern in the General Counsel’s office. 

“The most valuable lesson I’ve learned so far as an intern is that everything is a learning opportunity,” Natasha said. “No matter how big or small the assignment you’ve been given, there is always an opportunity to gain something from it.” 

During her internship, Natasha has fit right in with the legal team. 

“They’ve been extremely welcoming and thoughtful, and they all bring their own talent and expertise to the group,” Natasha said. “I’m in awe of how much they know and everything that they do. I’ve been learning so much as an intern in this department.” 

Natasha plans on becoming the chief privacy officer at a hospital one day and also wants to start a nonprofit to benefit law students who are in financial need. She advises future interns to learn as much as they can.

“Soak up as much knowledge and professional connections as you possibly can, and have fun while you do it,” Natasha said. “This is the perfect time to meet different people, learn about their roles and learn about the different departments within the hospital.” 

If Natasha was stranded on an island, she’d be sure to bring with her a charged cell phone with reception, “so I could call for help.” 



Matthew Montmann 

Matthew Montmann is helping patients at Broward Health Medical Center regain their mental health. As an administrative intern in the Behavioral Health Department, Matthew participates in panels where patients meet with mental health therapists and nurses to come up with treatment goals and discuss discharge plans. 

“My favorite part of the internship is when I can talk to patients and provide them a bit of happiness when they are going through a tough time,” Matthew said. “I’ve learned to be prepared for anything because every patient is unique and you have to treat them as individuals.” 

Aiming for a position in management, Matthew advises future interns to always remember that their internship can have a real impact on patients. “Keep at it and work hard because the work you do at Broward Health matters.”  

If Matthew was stuck on an island, he’d be sure to bring along his favorite company. “I’d bring my girlfriend because we’d turn it into a vacation,” he said. 








Daniel Persaud

Daniel Persaud is working on Broward Health Imperial Point’s budget as an intern in the hospital’s Finance Department. After recently graduating with an accounting degree from Florida Atlantic University, Daniel is using the knowledge he’s gained in the classroom to tackle month-end closing entries, budget spreadsheets and other accounting duties. 

“I’ve enjoyed meeting many different people from all walks of life, and finding out the different obstacles they’ve faced and how they overcame them,” he said. 

As an intern, Daniel has learned the value of connecting with people. “If you dedicate yourself to others, everything else you want in life will follow,” he said. 

In the near future, he hopes to be settled in his career and savoring the joys in life. “In five years, I see myself as a manager in a public accounting firm, and in my spare time, I’m cruising down A1A with the wind blowing in my hair, living my best life.” 

He advises future interns to be bold and take chances. “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there,” Daniel said. “Request to meet with anyone and everyone. The worst they can say is ‘no’ and that won’t affect you negatively.” 

If Daniel was stranded on an island, he’d rely on knowledge gained from the book Hatchet, which he read in the second grade. “Since then, a hatchet has been my go-to item,” he said. “I would use it to chop down a tree, build a house and start a fire.”




Tyler Ray 

Tyler Ray is exploring ways to increase profitability for various cardiac procedures at Broward Health Medical Center. An accounting major at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia, Tyler plans to pursue his master’s degree and CPA license -- but he said the knowledge he’s gaining at Broward Health is priceless. 

“No matter how much education you have, nothing beats real world business experience in your field,” said Tyler. He also added that his favorite aspect of the internship so far has been working as part of a team to tackle projects.

His advice to future interns: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions and say ‘I don’t know,’” he said. 

If Tyler was stranded on a remote island, he’d have to bring his favorite food. “Steak, I cannot live without it,” he said. 

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