Meet Dr. Violet McCormack

Meet Dr. Violet McCormack

Tuesday Feb. 05, 2019
Meet Dr. Violet McCormack

Dr. Violet McCormack is dedicated to keeping her patients heart-healthy and making a difference through her life-saving work as a cardiologist.

Meet Dr. McCormack

What is your complete name and official physician title: Dr. Violet Atanasoski-McCormack. In the community I'm known as Dr. McCormack. I'm the medical director of Broward Health Medical Center's Cath Lab and Interventional Cardiology

What is your area of specialty?  Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease

How long have your worked at Broward Health? More than 18 years

Describe the moment you knew you wanted to be a doctor: I always believed it was something that I would enjoy doing. As a teenager in middle and high school, I really enjoyed all of my science classes. I was also exposed to the medical field at an early age. As an immigrant, I was the best English speaker in my family, so I would take my family members to their doctor appointments so that I could translate for them. I also like taking care of people.

What do you most want people to know about the way you practice medicine? I am compassionate, knowledgeable, thorough and detailed.  I work very hard for my patients because I like to save lives and make a difference. 

What’s one health and wellness tip you wish all your patients would follow? Follow a heart-healthy diet, don't smoke or do drugs, exercise and be compliant with your medications. 

What have you learned from your patients?  To be humble. Patients put their trust in my hands and it’s an honor and privilege to take care of them.

Do you volunteer in the community? What groups are you involved with and did you choose those groups for a special reason?  I have participated in medical mission relief outside the country.



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