Meet Edna Moore

Meet Edna Moore

Friday Dec. 28, 2018
Meet Edna Moore

When patients come to the Rehabilitation Department at Broward Health North, they are greeted by Edna Moore's smiling face. She's worked at Broward Health for nearly 20 years where her kind and caring spirit has touched both patients and employees.


Meet Edna

Name: Edna Moore

Title and Department: Secretary, Rehabilitation Department, Broward Health North

What I do at Broward Health: As the secretary for the department, I work closely with our wonderful patients. I receive the patients, make and confirm their appointments, and I work with registration for verification of benefits. I truly try and make a great experience every day for the patients and my coworkers.

Years at Broward Health: 19.5

What motivates me to come to work each day: I love coming to work and being with my coworkers and our patients, they are like my family. I love people and draw my energy from people. Everybody knows I love my job. I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful place.

My favorite Broward Health moment: When my dog, Mia, and I became the Employee of the Month. Mia and I would go around our floor, 3 South East, to visit patients during my downtime. After a while, we were seeing really high scores in the patient surveys from that floor. They kept saying it was because of “the dog.”

Some advice I’d give to a new employee just starting their career in healthcare: Come in with an open heart to serve, and have fun. It’ll show.

How I like to relax: I don’t have any family in Florida, so I love hanging out with my two dogs. I take them to the mall and push them around in their stroller. Sometimes I dress them up the same, and it makes people smile.

What I’m most proud of personally or professionally: My dog, Mia, who has now passed, took me all the way to Hollywood with her ability to count. I went all the way to Jacksonville to audition and could not believe it when I stood in front of Simon Cowell and he said “Yes!” I wanted to pinch myself.

What’s on my playlist: Boy, do I have a playlist! Any kind of music, from country to jazz.

If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead, it would be: My mother. She passed long ago. We would sit down together and eat Chilean sea bass. It is the most wonderful fish I’ve ever tasted.

Edna Moore

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