Meet Elaine Juliano

Meet Elaine Juliano

Wednesday May. 15, 2019
Meet Elaine Juliano

As a post liver transplant coordinator, Elaine Juliano makes a positive impact on patients.


Meet Elaine

Name: Elaine Juliano

Title and Department: Post liver transplant coordinator


Years at Broward Health: 8.5

What motivates me to come to work each day: I am motivated by my patients. I know that they are relying on me in regards to their health. I like the feeling that I am making a positive impact in someone else's life, even if it is very minuscule.

My favorite Broward Health moment: It would be our most recent Donate Life Day. One of my patients received the liver of someone I personally knew. The patient and family met. It was very surreal and monumental.


Some advice I’d give to a new employee just starting their career in healthcare: Take care of yourself first and foremost because it is the only way you can effectively take care of your patients. And, always remember why you became a nurse. It’s a very special field to be in and not everyone can do I so I think it’s important to acknowledge that. 

How I like to relax: Read a book, go to the beach, watch a movie, get a massage 

What I’m most proud of personally or professionally: Personally, I am very proud of my family, raising two girls. My eldest who is now 9. She is so sweet and caring. My “firecracker” Leila, now five years old, has such an independent and unique personality. My marriage, 13 years and counting. My husband Jonathan who has always been my constant support. Professionally, I’m proud to have found a job that I truly enjoy.  I feel passionate about caring for my patients. I am also proud of the relationships I’ve made with my co-workers who have become family. 


What’s on my playlist: “Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran, “Mirrors” Justin Timberlake, “Daylight” Maroon 5, “Thunder” Imagine Dragons, “Man in the Mirror” Michael Jackson, “The Cure” Lady Gaga, “All I ask” Adele, etc. (I love all kinds of music)

If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead, it would be: I would have dinner with my deceased father. He died when I was 4-years-old. I was always told he was a man of very few words, but his actions spoke volumes. I hear stories of how loving and hard-working he was. I would love to get to know him.

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