Meet the Etienne Triplets

Meet the Etienne Triplets

Friday Jan. 18, 2019
Meet the Etienne Triplets

Triplets David, Bernard and Mendi Etienne have grown up at Broward Health.

Born 25 years ago at Broward Health Medical Center, the brothers returned to Broward Health North as high school students to serve as volunteers. After graduating from Florida State University with degrees in Environmental Sciences, the Etiennes returned to Broward Health North where they currently work today.

With a solid bond, the triplets live, work and travel together. This year, they plan to attend Florida Atlantic University’s Master’s Program in Biomedical Science before heading to medical school. At Broward Health North, they’re gaining valuable experience serving patients.

Meet the Etienne Triplets

Title and Department: David and Bernard are patient transports; Mendi is an endoscopy technician

Years at Broward Health: 10

What motivates us to come to work each day

  • David: “The opportunity to meet many people from different backgrounds, hear their stories and find out how they got to this particular point in life.”
  •  Bernard: “Hearing patient stories. Everybody’s different.”
  • Mendi: “The interaction with patients. You never know what you’re going to get and you have the opportunity to change someone’s day.” 

Our favorite Broward Health moments:

  • David: “I discharged the same patient 10 years ago. He remembered me. It was great.”
  • Bernard: ”A friend of mine was in an accident, and I watched his recovery over seven or eight weeks. He came close to death and by the time he left, he was able to walk again, eat again. It was incredible.”
  • Mendi: “A patient came in after being in a car accident and he couldn’t move his left leg. After a four hour procedure, he was able to move his leg again.”  

Some advice we’d give to a new employee just starting their career in healthcare:

  • David: “Be patient, keep working hard and it will show. Your time will come.”
  • Bernard: “Come with an open mind and be coachable.”
  • Mendi: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help and ask questions.”

How we like to relax: Bernard and Mendi like traveling and the gym. David likes to work out five or six times per week.

What we’re most proud of personally or professionally:

  • David: “My consistency in school and the gym.”
  • Bernard: “My academics. I never thought I’d make it this far.”
  • Mendi: “I’m fluent in English and Creole, and I’m able to help many patients.” 

What’s on our music playlists: The brothers share the same taste in music -- 90s music, R&B and EDM

If we could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead, it would be:

  • David: “Oprah. I’d ask her for life tips and how she manages work/life balance.”
  • Bernard: "Barack Obama. I’d ask him how he was able to push through and overcome so many obstacles to hold the highest position in the country.”
  • Mendi: “Elon Musk. I’d like to see how his mind works and his initial vision.”
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