Meet Fabian Rodriguez

Meet Fabian Rodriguez

Wednesday Feb. 13, 2019
Meet Fabian Rodriguez

As a critical care nurse, Fabien Rodriguez cares for patients with compassion and kindness. 


Meet Fabian

Name: Fabian Rodriguez, RN


Years at Broward Health: 3.5

What motivates me to come to work each day: I have a special relationship with everyone at work and have enjoyed countless moments with them.  This motivates me to come in to work each day.  I work with with some pretty amazing people.

My favorite Broward Health moment: Just recently I took care of a very complex case that required so much support from different disciplines.  I did not realize how much support was provided by my team until days later, and this made me realize how much hard work we all put into healing our patients and their families.  This took my breath away as I realized that moment was made possible by such a great team.

Some advice I’d give to a new employee just starting their career in healthcare: You are starting a career in one of the most rewarding professions, be patient, be honest and be ready to learn something new every day.

How I like to relax: I enjoy quiet time.  The ICU can be a stimulating environment, and having a moment of silence after a long day helps me reflect and re-center my thoughts.  On days off, having a cup of coffee on my balcony is a relaxing way to start my day. 

What I’m most proud of personally or professionally: A personal accomplishment I am proud of is completing my first half marathon last year in Fort Lauderdale.

What’s on my music playlist: There is a little bit of everything.  Salsa, alternative, pop, hip-hop and 80's freestyle music is my favorite.  

If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead, it would be: I would like to have dinner with the Aztec king Moctezuma.  He was the king at the prime of the Aztec empire in the early 1500's when the Spanish conquest of Mexico took place.  It would be great to get into the mind of this ruler to understand how such a complex and strong empire crumbled in such a short period of time.  


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