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Monday Jul. 23, 2018
Keep Your Cool At Work

Losing your temper at work can affect your relationships with coworkers, direct reports and supervisors. Learn how to keep a cool head with the following tips.

  1. Take a break, step away, and breathe deeply. This can help you lower your heart rate, calm down, and allow the feelings to subside. If possible, have your lunch outdoors. Pay attention to the taste and texture of every bite, and gaze at the clouds. You’ll walk back inside well-fed and refreshed!

  2. When dealing with an angry coworker, stay steady. Remain cool through the outburst and then choose an appropriate time to communicate your own point of view. Avoid responding defensively. Consider the possibility that you may have been wrong, or that you and your colleague may both be right.

  3. Count to 10. This age-old strategy gives you time and distraction — the keys to effective anger management.

  4. Change your traffic pattern. Clenching your teeth in rush hour traffic jams? If possible, arrange to arrive and leave work when traffic is less heavy. Or find a less direct—but less crowded—route.

  5. Use logic on yourself. Remind yourself that getting angry is not going to fix anything. Logic defeats anger, and will help you gain a better perspective.

-Submitted by the Broward Health Employee Assistance Program.

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